Camp of Legend Part 2

Camp Crystal Lake is still cursed. When a new group of campers arrive there, Marla and her boyfriend Ron, attempt to warn them before it's too late.


2. Return of the Death Curse


Oliver H. Lowe, Jr., stared at the map.

"It's there", he uttered. He focused on the oak trees, as he wondered whether it was a good idea to be spending the summer at Camp Crystal Lake; it was a place where danger lurked. Eli Kane shook her head. She didn't think that the nightmare of the past would continue. Oliver shook his head. She knew that the week at the camp would be the right kind of space from her arguing parents. In her sixteen year old mind, survival was the only option. Ian Blank, the joker, grinned at them.

"It's going to be really fun", he said.

"Are you sure it's going to be fun?", Oliver asked him.

"Yes", Ian answered.

And he grinned.


Thomas G. Harrison, the sixty year old timer, was certain that the teenagers were stupid. They ignored the warnings of Crazy Ralph three decades or so ago; they were eager to have the time of their lives swimming; walking into the dark woods; and firing sharp arrows into the target range. He saw Sheriff Earl Franklin, Jr., and smiled.

"Morning, Sheriff".

"Morning, Thomas. I hear that there's a lot of campers around Camp Crystal Lake". Thomas nodded. He was sipping warm coffee.

"Marla and Ron as well as the other campers are back in town. I'm sure the new campers won't be seeing Jason Voorhees", the Sheriff said.

"He's dead, Sheriff. There's nothing we can do about it", Thomas said. He gazed at him, then he walked towards the Diner, where he opened the front door...and ordered a hamburger and coke before he got too hungry...leaving the Sheriff to go to his own car and do his job.


Marla shook her head.

She stared at the window.

"I hate this", she said. Ron hugged her.

"It's alright, Marla. We survived, like the other campers. Jason Voorhees won't be bothering us anymore". He looked at the dirty road, and drove away towards the police station, where they were filing a report about what happened to them at Camp Crystal Lake.


Ian wore a clown mask.

He said: "Boo!", to everyone. Eli laughed. She hated clowns since she was seven years old; she was always scared of something. And, in the end, she remembered what Ned the original joker did back in the summer of nineteen seventy-nine when he was playing jokes on his girlfriend Brenda. It was the same thing. The fun at Camp Crystal Lake was old as time itself; it was something that the local parents wanted to do before the death curse happened, and anyone had heard of Pamela Sue Voorhees's return to seek revenge for her son, Jason's, death by drowning in nineteen fifty-seven. But Jason didn't die. He saw the glistening lake...and shivered from the freezing cold; he saw the old Native American totem poles. "Over there!", he yelled. Oliver drove towards them. He saw the oak trees that swayed to the north. Then, as he finished driving, the hot summer wind blew from the south; the cabins were still there, as if eager to be filled by new campers.


By ten o'clock, on Friday, June 13, 2013, one year later, Oliver opened the driver's-side door. As the teenagers got out of the car, they saw a young woman holding a mop in her right hand. "Oh, hi! I'm Amber Lowe. How are you all doing?", she asked them.

"We're fine. I'm Oliver. This is Eli and Ian", he answered her.

"Please to meet you. Well, since last year Camp Crystal Lake is full of dirt. I had to clean up before. I was already here last night; I had to drive here since I'm the new counsellor". She smiled at them. Then she walked towards the first cabin. Oliver, Eli, and Ian gazed at the bunks. They weren't full of spidery cobwebs. The small group walked around the lake, as a dark shadow watched them from afar in the woods.


Amber, who was twenty-one, had short, black hair, bright, blue eyes, and petite. She wore a yellow CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE T-shirt, blue shorts, and a silver Rolex watch on her right hand. "We can pitch in if you want us to?", Eli asked.

"That's good. We'd like that", Amber answered her. Eli, who was sixteen, was the same age as Ian and Oliver; she was eager to think that the nightmare of the past had ended...for now.


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