Camp of Legend Part 2

Camp Crystal Lake is still cursed. When a new group of campers arrive there, Marla and her boyfriend Ron, attempt to warn them before it's too late.


3. At the camp





Oliver shook his head.

He was thinking that Amber was a good woman. He knew about the death curse. It was something that was an old folks' tale by Crazy Ralph; it was a place that wasn't as bad as before. When the camp was built in 1930, Arnold Christy, the camp's first owner, wanted to think that it would last a long time. With the help of his wife, Edith, the Christy's, were God worshippers, and had four children. When Frank Christy, the eldest son, took over the camp in the summer of nineteen forty-seven, when his parents retired after World War II ended in April of 1945, it wasn't until 1946, (a year later), when Jason Voorhees was born, that nothing out of the ordinary happened. When Frank become ill in the winter of 1953, he worked until 1972, when Arnold died from pneumonia. The next year, in 1973, Edith also died from pneumonia as well. By summer of 1977, Steve Christy, Frank's brother, then 27, took over as the Camp Crystal Lake head counsellor; by 1978, he and Alice Hardy, his twenty year old girlfriend, who was a California artist and Assistant Camp Counsellor, took over the campgrounds. By June 13, 1979, Alice Hardy was the lone survivor at the camp, as she battled Pamela Sue Voorhees, forty-nine, on the warm sand near the cabins. In the end, Alice was in a canoe in the deep water. She then dreamed of Jason Voorhees. But in the end, it was just that: a stupid dream. As the whirring sounds of police officers arrived at the camp, she knew one thing was certain. She was alive. And, for her, that was what mattered.


Oliver remembered what happened next. Alice had phoned her mother, Francine Hardy, a forty year old housemother, about Camp Crystal Lake. She had told Sheriff Tierney that she thought Jason Voorhees was alive; she thought that the disabled son of Pamela Sue Voorhees, who was now thirty-three, wasn't happy that his mother was gone. So he stalked her by going to her house in August of 1979, and made sure she paid dearly for her death. Oliver closed his eyes, and waited for the weather to clear. Eli, Ian, and Amber knew the story. They were eager to go camping in the woods. Jason Voorhees continued to watch Oliver with interest. In short, he wasn't going to let them leave without being scared of him. Ian focused on the archery range. He fired two sharp arrows into the target, as the temperature increased to ninety degrees.


Jason gripped a hammer in his right hand. As he walked towards the campers, Eli screamed. "Let's go!", she uttered. And, as they all fled Camp Crystal Lake, Jason gazed at them with fury. He couldn't believe that the campers were already gone.

He vowed to return before the  new campers arrived the next Friday the 13th.




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