bear's life

hi im bear im a bernese mountain dog my life hasnt been the best ever its been hard will i find a forever home


3. ...

i sat down infront of the door of back room of the stage waiting for shawn to come back he became the famous shawn mendes my owner is famous after mom and dad died and uncle logan died in an accident its been me and shawn

the door opend slowly and shawn came in ''hey bear'' he said petting me *shawn your back i missed you so much buddy where were you* i jumped up on him wagging my tail faster every second ''calm down boy'' i got off him and followed him all around the place 

''HE'S SO CUTE '' the fans yelled trying to pet me *don't tuch me my fur is too clean for your dirty paws* i whined backing up. a fan was able to past security  and started petting me ruffly non stop messing up my fur *GET AWAY* i barked madly the fan backed up almost in tears she ran to a man and hugged him crying i looked up and saw....shit it was jays girlfriend he started to walk to me he pushed security and took me by the collar ''hey we meet again stupid asshole'' he said  angry *don't tuch me* i barked at him ''don't talk back '' he said even more angry he threw me against the wall giving me eternal bleeding from the insides and bad breaks 

*ow * i whined in pain laying on the floor closed my eyes and passed out

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