bear's life

hi im bear im a bernese mountain dog my life hasnt been the best ever its been hard will i find a forever home


2. ....

after a while i learned the importent stuff i had a family the mother was called amber the dad was called joshua and my boy was called shawn soon i learnt my name was bear....bear atleast its better than stupid asshole ,fucker or stupid dumb dog i loved my pack 

''bear hurry up '' dad yelled i jumped in the car next to shawn ''lets go!'' shawn yelled *lets go * i barked after him 

we drove for hours before we got to the farm *uncle logan* i barked running to him i jumped up on him and licked him all over the face ''hey bear hows it going '' he laughed *im fine * i jumped off him and ran to the barn 

i played with the goats and the foals until it was bed time ''nigth shawn nigth bear'' uncle logan said closing the door *nigth uncle logan * i yarned and fell asleep being with shawn made me the happiest dog alive where would i be without him would i be lost would i be hopeless would i be sad or would i just be afraid getting out of jays life changed me and i was never a happy dog i was taken away from my mother and got taken by a mean guy man im a lucky dog to be here with shawn 

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