bear's life

hi im bear im a bernese mountain dog my life hasnt been the best ever its been hard will i find a forever home


1. ...

''BAD FUCKING DOG'' jay yelled hitting me *i only ate the piece of ham that fell on the floor* i whinned ''little asshole'' jay said walking away *no don't lock me* i barked but he slammed the door in my face i ran over to the window and saw the dogs next door running and playing *get me out* i barked..but ......they din't .....hear me

i ran down and barked to get out ''SHUT UP STUPID DOG'' he said yelling on the other side of the door *hey you called me stupid your a stupid little asshole* i barked again '' ive had enough of you '' jay said opening the door *here i go .i can escape* i ran out the door and jumped into the window breaking it ''GET BACK HERE'' jay yelled at the door *haha astalabeasta baby* i barked running out of the property 


i ran until i got this a car.with other.animals..... i looked around *CAT* i ran and hit the bars *ow* the cat laughed at me i layed down and slept the rest of the way 

''i want this one mommy'' a little 8 years old said at the cage door ''awww he looks beautiful '' the mother said ''yes a champion'' the father said picking me up ''well take him '' he said in a bossy tone ''yes sir'' i got leashed up then i was in a car again but this time on a kid 

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