An Eye for an Eye

Rolandus and Percyvell concocted the ultimate plan to steal 3 prized painite rings from the King of Astilat. But when Percyvell is captured and sentenced to death, a rather different tale of grieving and vengeance unfolds. ~A short historical and fictitious novel about revenge and death in the middle ages~


2. Chapter 2

"Sire, the counsel seeks your presence on a matter of great urgency." Bardulphus, a knight of Astilat, stood tall in front of the King, his chest rising and falling rapidly after sprinting to bring the news. The King sighed tiresomely and flattened a persistent crease in his velvet cloak.

"Very well. Bardulphus, you may leave," the King instructed, gesturing to the door. Bardulphus bowed deeply and backed out of the room. The King let the blissful silence plug his ears for a moment before composing himself for what lay ahead.

He was anxious of his summoning. What could it be this time? 'A matter of great urgency' suggested a serious threat of invasion upon his lands. The King was becoming decreasingly surprised at the amount of violence in his kingdom; he’d had to condemn three people to death that day alone, all resonating from a gruesome attack on the priest that had proved fatal. He was finding it increasingly hard to be a righteous King; the responsibility was daunting. He could only hope that his son, Galot, would fair better when his turn came.

His mind strayed back to the so called 'matter of urgency'. Whatever it was, the King hoped that he would do what any other King would do in such a situation.




Prince Galot slouched in his seat at the counsel table. What a boring meeting. Another village along the border of Astilat had been attacked by knights from the kingdom of Nuwan. This was the second village this week to fall victim to the King of Nuwan's empty rage. In Galot's naïve opinion, it was rather pointless to go to the aid of these villagers if they weren't at any immediate risk. But it wasn't his place to speak up; his father was the King and therefore had the final say, no matter what Galot thought.

"I will send my best knights across Astilat to reach Niunca and protect its villagers from further harm. They will remain there for one day and one night to await the possible return of Nuwan's King and army, and, if necessary, engage in battle. Understood? Meeting closed." The King concluded. Galot stood immediately, wanting nothing more to do with the matter.

"Galot, my son, wait a moment - I wish to speak with you." His father called. Galot felt his jaw clench irritably. He turned to face his father and forced a smile.

"Yes, Sire."

The King waited until everyone had filed out of the hall before turning to Galot.

"I have a special mission for you. I would like you to lead the knights to Niunca tomorrow at dawn. I know that you aren't passionate about helping our people unless you deem necessary, my son, but on this occasion -"

"Father, I urge you to reconsider! I must prepare for my speech on Wednesday and I can't afford to waste my time with this petty issue." Galot raged, forgetting his place in the heat of the moment. The King eyed him sturdily and sniffed in disagreement.

"Galot. I am not asking you, I am telling you. Tomorrow at dawn, you will journey with the knights to Niunca and remain there until the following day. You will not question my judgement, nor will you argue with me. Your speech can wait. Now, leave me be," the King ordered, his voice steely and his words final. Galot bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from retaliating and left the counsel quarters as quickly as he could.

It's just like father to ignore my needs, he thought angrily, I'm sure he would rather help a stranger than his own flesh and blood, no matter what the issue…

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