An Eye for an Eye

Rolandus and Percyvell concocted the ultimate plan to steal 3 prized painite rings from the King of Astilat. But when Percyvell is captured and sentenced to death, a rather different tale of grieving and vengeance unfolds. ~A short historical and fictitious novel about revenge and death in the middle ages~


1. Chapter 1

"You must not get caught. If they catch you, they will kill you. Understand?" Rolandus growled, his voice hollow in

the dull quiet of the cabin. His son, Percyvell, patted the dagger at his side with grim confidence, his eyes glinting in the flickering candlelight.

"Father, I shall not disappoint you." Percyvell placed a sturdy, reassuring hand upon his father's shoulder before turning for the door.


He glanced back at his father, whose face appeared tired, almost as if his energy had seeped from his body into the air around them. Percyvell didn't allow his concern to show but instead cocked his head to one side.

"My son...I love you – never forget that. Now, go." Rolandus murmured. Percyvell hovered for a second, but his father had already turned his back on him. He could have sworn that he was suppressing tears, but it wasn't his place to ask nor judge.

He tightened his sleek black cloak and creaked open the cabin door. The night mist clung to his skin like cobwebs as he padded out into the eerie gloom, the door closing with a faint click behind him.

Percyvell was ready to commit his sin.




Rolandus placed a callous hand to his forehead. His breath was jagged, hurried, quickening with his rising panic. What had he done? He had sent his son on a quest more arduous than any before. He should have considered the intense risk involved for Percyvell, but it was much too late now; he had already been gone an hour, possibly longer.

The silence of the cabin was growing heavier by the minute, as if predicting an inevitable fate; he would have sent his son to his untimely death and would pay by spending the rest of his miserable life in the compounds of this cabin, solitary and bearing the heavy burden of guilt.

A sob escaped his parting lips.

Rolandus knew that if Percyvell was caught, he would be executed without a second thought; the King of Astilat would not take kindly to someone stealing from him. For months, Rolandus and Percyvell had planned to break into the King's chambers and steal the finest specimens of his most precious jewellery. The King had three fine rings, all holding the extremely rare gem, painite. Painite was a rare mineral rarely found in gem form, and these rings would be perfect to sell. Even though it would be nigh on impossible to flee unnoticed, both father and son were willing to commit this treachery for the fortune that it would no doubt bring them.

Rolandus muttered a quick, awkward prayer and begged God to look after his son and forgive them their sins. He knew that, in his heart, he had been a terrible father to send his son on such a mission, but it was how they made their living. If Percyvell died, he would never forgive himself. Or the King.

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