That Last Text

The heart-breaking text conversations between Abigail, her friends, her enemies and family.


2. Time Flies.


It was around 4:10 PM when Jason texted me. I had been sitting In my bed watching YouTube, until it was 5:30.

"SHIT!" I yelled as I looked up from my computer to my clock. I sprung out of bed and searched through my closet. What to wear? Blue sweatshirt.. no, too lazy looking. Red tank top... too plain. Lavender crop top.. hmm.. this one might work. Then I went digging through my pants and found my short jean shorts. I slipped them on, put on my black choker, grabbed my phone, wallet, and purse, and left the house. 

5:45 PM

5:55 PM

I arrived at the ice cream shop just in time. We both had some ice cream, we talked about everything and anything, we had a great time. And then we kissed goodbye as the rounded to 7:15, and we went home.

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