That Last Text

The heart-breaking text conversations between Abigail, her friends, her enemies and family.


4. The Meetup


CarolineIsABo$$: I was thinking that us SickMOthahBleepers could meet up somewhere today?

MirandaHatesSpaghetti: Sounds good to me! 

Phil_IsBurpingOnPurpose: Sounds kewl

Bill_IsFartingOnPurpose: Never say 'kewl' Phil... I'm in.

JasonIzPerfection: I'm in if Abigail's in.

AbigailWants7Dogs: Yeah.. uh sure.

JaxsonIsAFanGirlxD: I'm Down.

CarolineIsABo$$: Perfect. I was thinking about going to the new mall in town. We could meet up there.

AbigailWants7Dogs: Yeah, sounds good, but that's an hour drive for me.

JasonIzPerfection: I'll drive you.

JaxsonIsAFanGirlxD: I ship it.

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