That Last Text

The heart-breaking text conversations between Abigail, her friends, her enemies and family.


6. The arrival

1:48 PM

We arrived a little early, but that's okay. I saw Miranda get out of her car and walk into the building. Miranda and Jason were the only people from the groupchat that I've met in real life, Miranda knows everyone, and Jason knows Miranda, the twins and I. I ran up to Miranda as Jason locked the car.

"Hey!" I waved as I ran.

"Abigail!" She turned around. "Jason!" 

Jason walked over. "Hey." 

"Okay, so here's some things you need to know, Bill's hair is blue and Phil's hair is orange." Miranda warned us.

"Orange?" I asked.

"Yep." Jason said. "Not sure why, but it is!"

"Another thing is, Jaxson is gay, you need to know that because he is easily offended."  Miranda babbled.

"Okay." I've never had anything against the LGBT+ community.

"And Caroline is the one with the bleached hair." 

"Why'd she bleach it?" 

"No idea, once again.

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