That Last Text

The heart-breaking text conversations between Abigail, her friends, her enemies and family.


3. New Groupchat.

MirandaHatesSpaghetti:  Hey Abigail.

AbigailWants7Dogs: Heyo~

MirandaHatesSpaghetti: Can I invite you to a groupchat? You don't know most of the people in it, but you'll like them, plus, it's good to make new friends.

AbigailWants7Dogs: Ehm... Sure? How many people

MirandaHatesSpaghetti: 7, including you.


MirandaHatesSpaghetti invited you to a groupchat: TheSickMothahBleepers!Accept? or Decline?



AbigailWants7Dogs has joined the chat.

AbigailWants7Dogs has entered the chat.


CarolineIsABo$$: Hey! I'm Caroline! Nice to meet you.

JaxsonIsAFanGirlxD: I'm Jaxson... and I'm a boy, don't let my name confuse you.

Phil_IsBurpingOnPurpose: Hi!

Bill_IsFartingOnPurpose: We are

Phil_IsBurpingOnPurpose: Twins. Nice

Bill_IsFartingOnPurpose: to meet

Phil_IsBurpingOnPurpose: you!

JasonIzPerfection: Hey baby <3

AbigailWants7Dogs: Woah! Hi everyone. xD. (Hi Jason xx)

CarolineIsABo$$: Waitttt, are you 2 dating?

JasonIzPerfection: Yup-a-doodle-doo!

AbigailWants7Dogs: Lmao.

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