Hanji Jaeger Cosplays

I am a cosplayer and I love to share my cosplays. So here they are !!


1. before we begin

Okay sooo this is different compared to most of my intros.

Yes I am a cosplayer and I am proud. I cosplay both male and female characters and I try to extend and do multifandom cosplays.

Now, I have never seen hate on Movellas, but I still want to set the ground rules.

1) Do not give hate on my cosplays. I am only a beginner so I'm not quite sure what I'm doing yet.

2) I do not do well with criticism, so please don't say "you could work on this a little." Don't even ask if you can help. If I see that comment at a certain time, I'll have an episode and I'd rather not go through that.

3) Please comment down below what you want to see! I always take cosplay recommendations!

Thank you so much for seeing my cosplays. You can see more on my Instagram @ social_wonder

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