Descriptive Phrases

The Sanders Sides are affected by descriptive phrases (heartburn, shattered dreams, brain freeze, etc) in horrible and often painful ways. Contains blood, panic attacks, and extreme angst. Entry for the Battle of the Fandoms in the YouTube category.


2. Shaking Like a Leaf

Nothing was particularly out of the ordinary that day, but Anxiety knew something was bound to happen at some point... 

The air was suddenly crushed out of Virgil's lungs as he collapsed to the ground, his eyes rolling into the back of his head and his body twitching and spasming pathetically. Princey, who had just been arguing with the darker trait moments before, panicked and rushed out of the room in search of Morality or Logic, leaving Anxiety alone. Virgil started to claw at his throat as he desperately searched for air, his fingers cutting viciously through his skin.

Anxiety wanted to scream, he wanted to scream so badly as he was seized with panic, but his throat was closed and all he could do was helplessly thrash about and shake on the floor. His hands clawed at his throat as he desperately tried to breath, tears from pain and lack of oxygen leaking out of the corners of his eyes and down his cheeks. He was alone, all alone, no one was going to help him, just like always when this happened. He was gasping silently like a fish out of water, too afraid to notice Princey run in with Logic and Morality at his heels. 

"I'm here, I'm here," Virgil heard, and he felt to hands wrap around his wrists in a tight grip, yanking them away from his throat. Roman scooped up the practically vibrating body in his arms and held Virgil close to his chest. Logan and Patton stood on either side of him, Logan rambling on about how this was physically impossible and Anxiety should be dead while Patton gently carder his fingers through the dark trait's hair, staring with wide eyes and pursed lips.

Roman tried to best to straighten Virgil out, make his head lean forward so he could breath easier for instance, but he was too stiff and shaky. Princey found himself fighting back tears and nuzzling his nose deep in Anxiety's hair, murmuring quiet reassurances to him that he was okay, he was safe, and nothing was going to hurt him. They all thought it was another attack, but they couldn't have been more wrong.

Hatred boiled in Anxiety's veins, breaking through the foggy veil his fear had created. This was Thomas' fault. The stupid guy had panicked about something, gotten so afraid that Virgil was left helpless, shaking until this episode passed over. Virgil tried to speak to Roman as he held him, but the creative trait pressed a finger to his lips and held him closer, holding him as best as he could because of the trembling. Roman had to strain almost every muscle in his body to keep Anxiety in his grip, and he had to admit it hurt. 

When Virgil finally stopped shaky and could breath again he began to sob, clutching tightly to the front of Princey's shirt and desperately trying to pull himself up. Logan and Patton watched with sympathy as the two exhausted aspects clutched to each other like lifelines, the room silent except for Virgil's cries. 

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