Descriptive Phrases

The Sanders Sides are affected by descriptive phrases (heartburn, shattered dreams, brain freeze, etc) in horrible and often painful ways. Contains blood, panic attacks, and extreme angst. Entry for the Battle of the Fandoms in the YouTube category.


3. Heartburn

Morality only ever gets sick under one condition...

Patton had been feeling a bit warm all day but by noon he was burning up. All he could do was lay on the couch, groaning softly as beads of sweat rolled down his face and he hugged his knees to his chest. Morality felt so hot that it hurt; there was fire in his veins, coursing through him and making him want to cry out in pain. But, he didn't want to startle the others. Morality was conscious at least, but he didn't really have the energy to move. He just frowned when he saw Logic appear in the doorway of the living room, who ran over worriedly as soon as he saw Patton trembling on the floor. Through his blurry vision Morality could see Logan remove his glasses and press a hand to his scorching forehead. 

"How long have you been feeling like this?!" Logic asked sharply, gazing at the usually happy aspect with narrowed eyes. Patton shrugged weakly and tried to smile, but a whimper caught in his throat and he curled up tighter. Logan's eyebrows furrowed with worry and he hesitated for only a moment before scooping up Patton's shivering body in his arms and rushing to the bathroom. He opened every window possible as he passed by, and upon reaching the bathroom he started to run a lukewarm bath. Logan leaned Morality against a wall and started to unbutton the other trait's shirt.

"L-Logan, I don't..." Patton said weakly, trying to push Logic's hands away and shaking his head. He was just a little sick, he didn't need this help. Helping the others was his job, not the other way around. Logan's eyes narrowed dangerously and he cupped Morality's face in his hands, forcing him to look up.

"Thomas is having some serious heartburn, Morality. Your body temperature has increased significantly, more than what the average human could usually live through. As an aspect you won't die. Not yet, anyways, unless you do nothing to get better. Let me do this Pat, please," Logic said firmly. Morality let out a shaky sigh, too weak to really protest. Logan continued to undress Patton upon getting no response, not noticing the way his fingers trembled. Morality fought him a bit on being taken care of, but did so weakly, and soon Logic had stripped Patton down and gently placed him in the bath water. 

"C-Cold," Patton chattered, gripping Logan's wrist and shivering in the lukewarm water. Logan's eyes filled with worry and he bowed his head, letting Morality grab onto his wrist and waiting for him to stop shaking. He swore to himself then that he wouldn't leave Patton's side until he recovered. Later that night, one would have been able to see Logic and Morality curled up on the latter's bed, all of the windows open with several fans on and a bowl filled with water and a cloth draped over the side just in case. 

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