Descriptive Phrases

The Sanders Sides are affected by descriptive phrases (heartburn, shattered dreams, brain freeze, etc) in horrible and often painful ways. Contains blood, panic attacks, and extreme angst. Entry for the Battle of the Fandoms in the YouTube category.


4. Crushed Hope/Shattered Dreams

Thomas has learned not to worry about auditions. But once in a while, he takes a failure hard... 

Roman fell to his knees, feeling like a huge weight was being pushed down on him. His eyes were still fixed on the dreaded cast list, welling up with tears as he shook his head and tried to push against the heavy burden. They'd worked so hard... they couldn't be happening! Thomas had practiced and practiced! It was his dream to be in this!

"Failure sucks, doesn't it? Don't you just feel like dying? Like giving everything up?" Virgil said with a slight smirk, looking down at the trembling aspect. Princey tried to speak, tried to say that yes he felt like dying, like he didn't deserve to even breathe anymore, but could only gasp in pain as the burden got heavier and he was forced to go down on all fours. His arms shook with the effort of staying upright, and he was finding it harder to breathe. The air around him seemed to be pushing at him from all sides, crushing his lungs and his chest. He tried to reply, to scream at Virgil to just leave him and Thomas alone, but the pain was too overwhelming. 

"I can't believe you messed up so badly! I bet Thomas will never be able to act again! This was his last chance, and you blew it!" Anxiety hissed, his eyes starting to brim with tears. Roman whimpered and shook his head. Deep, long cracks started to form down his neck and cheeks as if he were porcelain, spider-web thin as they spread to the rest of his body. Small trickles of blood seeped from each small crack and Princey only had the strength to moan at the agonizing sensation. 

Virgil stepped back in slight horror as he watched Roman's blood drip to the ground and cracks become wider, deeper, longer. Soon Creativity was unrecognizable, his once handsome face a mess of deep cracks and red, dark blood. Roman screamed as his left arm fell to the ground and completely shattered, leaving broken pieces of his body left and right. He collapsed and his chest caved in. He couldn't breathe any more and dear God it hurt so bad! 

"V-Verge... help," Roman croaked in a harsh whisper as pieces of his body began to fall to the ground, shattering like glass against the floor. Anxiety could only watch in terror, feeling guilty and horrified at what he had caused. He'd only meant to make Thomas feel guilty so he'd do better next time, not this. Never this. Soon the once strong Prince was a mess of broken pieces and blood scattered across the ground, a body unrecognizable in the chaos. He would reform in a day or so, as egotistical and preppy as always, but a new scar would be added to his ever-growing collection. 

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