Descriptive Phrases

The Sanders Sides are affected by descriptive phrases (heartburn, shattered dreams, brain freeze, etc) in horrible and often painful ways. Contains blood, panic attacks, and extreme angst. Entry for the Battle of the Fandoms in the YouTube category.


1. Brain Freeze

Thomas doesn't get brain freezes often, but when he does, it's never fun for anyone...

The glass in Logan's hand shattered as it hit the kitchen floor. He fell on his hands and knees, in too much pain to hear Patton's worried gasp, or see Virgil and Roman running into the kitchen. He was shivering uncontrollably, his breathe coming out in white puffs of air. He could feel the blood in his veins starting to freeze and he screamed because it hurt everything hurts it's so cold PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! Logan curled up on himself, whimpering quietly and clutching his knees to his chest as his skin slowly began to turn to ice. He shook violently and ice began to form at the tips of his hair, creeping down his neck and back as if it sought to consume his entire being, which it soon would. Logan's vision was tainted with blue and he could hardly see a thing, his body beginning to shut down from the cold. 

Patton shrieked with fear as he finally realized what was happening, seeing the frost start to cover Logan's glasses. His lips turned a dark shade of blue, crackling and splitting until they were bleeding and Logan was sobbing from the pain. He was more of an ice block now, his skin cracking as his body stiffened and couldn't take the burning cold. Logan wanted to scream but he was in so much pain, all he could do was moan and whimper. Blood and begun to run down his arms and legs, seeping into the carpet below him. 

"We need to keep him warm or he'll shatter!" Roman exclaimed, a mixture of fear and sympathy in his voice. Anxiety nodded and rushed to the aspect's side, scooping him up in his arms and swiftly carrying him out of the kitchen and running to Logan's room, ignoring the frost that began to form on his sweatshirt from the contact. Logan let out a soft whine that would have been a scream if he had the energy. The heat was too much, it burned him, it hurt! Patton and Roman followed the dark trait as he rushed into Logan's bedroom, throwing him onto his bed. 

The three personality traits quickly stripped Logan down to his boxers and grabbed as many blankets as they could find, wrapping them around Logan in an attempt to get him to warm up. Patton climbed into bed next to Logan and went under the covers, pulling Logan close to his chest. Logan screamed in agony and buried his face in Patton's chest, who ignored the fact that frost was slowly beginning to cover his body as well as Logan's. Virgil and Roman quickly got under the covers with Patton, wrapping themselves around Logan and each other to share body warmth, and hopefully stop everything from freezing. 

The brain freeze lasted for about ten minutes and when it was finally over, Logan had long since passed out from the intense pain that sucked the energy right out of him. Virgil, Patton, and Roman stayed in bed with Logan, keeping close to him as he shivered and waited for him to wake up. 

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