My Parents are Zerrie

The Year is 2031 and the popular boy bands and girl groups of the 2010's have retired. Autumn is a sixteen year old girl who has spent her life in the foster system. When she's finally has enough she finds her file and looks up her parents to find out information of her own. What happens when she finds out her parents were famous?


2. Chapter Two

I sat on Perrie's, my mom's, couch as she paced back and forth in front of me. She was going on a rant "and to come here out of the blue, leaving your family-"

"First of all," I interrupted, "I don't have a family. That's why I'm here."

She looked at me "What do you mean you don't have a family?" She asked, coming over and sitting on the couch next to me. She kept her distance as she listened to me.

"I've been in th system for sixteen years. No one wants to adopt a sixteen year old." I explained not looking at her. 

I felt her stare on me. I slowly turned my head to look at her. "You look so much like him." She whispered.

I frowned and bit my bottom lip "Look like who?" I asked.

Perrie took my hands into hers and I looked into her eyes "You look like your father."

I gently pulled my hands away from hers. "Who is my father?" 

She took a deep breath "His name is Zayn Malik and he left right after I found out I was pregnant with you." 

I looked down "Did he leave because of me?" I asked shyly.  

Perrie quickly wrapped her arms around me, catching me off guard. "No no sweetie, he didn't even know you existed. I was going to tell him but he cut me off, nothing could have changed that." She explained to me. 

I stayed in her arms for what seemed like ages. "I've always wanted this."

Perrie pulled back and ran her hand through my black hair. "Wanted what sweetie?" She asked sweetly.

I looked her in the eyes "Someone I can come to." I said. 

Perrie smiled, "I didn't think I would be ready to take care of a kid." I smiled and hugged her again. She gently kissed my head "How about I go back to where you are staying, then we will go tell Zayn about you." She said 

"We don't have to tell him if you aren't ready." I told her

Perrie sighed "I think this is sixteen years too late. It's time to tell him."

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