The Veil

Sirius Black did not die. He came to a new land, where he hears a prophecy about himself.

(I am open to co-authors)


1. The Veil

He could still hear the scream. He had thought it would stop when he fell through the veil, he had thought he would stop. He had been sure he would die as soon as he hit the liquid-gas or whatever it was. It was, after all, called “the Death Veil”.

The scream of agony wouldn’t stop. His son was still screaming his name, screaming for him to come back. It was heart-breaking for the man to listen, but he knew he couldn’t come back. From this side, the veil was hard as glass, and he knew nothing was able to come through it. Not even a comforting thought. He just stood still, right behind the veil and listened to his son calling for him to come back.

After what seemed like a fortnight, the screaming stopped. It was first now that the man could hear waves, and he turned around and found himself on a shore. The sun was setting over the water, and made the sky and water blood red. The sunset reminded him of his wife and son, as they had watched the sunset together many times, more than he could count. He started to cry. He usually disliked crying men, but he couldn’t stop it. It felt like his heart was screaming, forcing him to sob in order to relieve the pain. He was confused and overwhelmed, but worst of all: He knew he would never see his loved ones again. Ever. He cried so much he had to sit down on the sand. He would never see his precious husband again. Or their terrific son. It was devastating. Then a thought of comfort flashed through the man’s mind: Maybe this is the after-life. Maybe I can meet them here when they too die. But either way he would be alone a long, long time.

After quite some time he stopped crying. There were simply no tears left. He had dried up, just like the sand under him. As he lied there, he noticed some small footprints. They seemed to start by the veil, and walk bewilderedly around on the shore. Had a child experienced the same thing as he had? Was a small child whimpering, rambeling around in this scary, new place? For how long? Maybe it needed comfort from an adult, like him. Maybe it was staggering around, crying, hoping for someone to come and help. This thought made the man stand up. If there was something he loathed more than murderers, it was someone who didn’t help a child in need.

He began following the footprints. It looked like the owner didn’t know where to go. At first, the footprints walked to the left, but suddenly they started going the same direction as they came from. It also looked like the person had started running from something, even though there were no signs of anyone else's prints.

After walking for an hour, the man saw smoke coming from some huts. Excited, he started running towards them, eager to meet other human-beings.

“If you go in there, you’ll be treated like vermin.” said a loud voice to the man’s right. A big man with bow and arrow walked slowly towards our man, who had stopped running.

“They don’t like “our” kind. Think we’re ugly,” the muscular man continued with a snort. “What’s your name, by the way?” He was very close now. He smelled like someone who hadn’t bathed for a couple of weeks, and looked even worse. He was covered in several wounds and bruises. On his face there was a beard, but it had not been cared for. Some places the hair was ripped off, and blood and food leftovers were stuck in it. Combined with some kind of uniform and the bow and arrow, the man looked very intimidating. Luckily, our man was used to scary men. He had been in prison for twelve years, so he knew when someone just looked scary. He could recognize a sheep in a wolf’s clothing.

“I’m Sirius. And you?” There was no fear in his voice, and he held his head high. The muscular man seemed to have noticed this attitude, because he smiled and reached out his hand. “Commander Orion, chief of the Star Tribe. You seem to fit right in.”

The Star Tribe’s headquarter was well hidden. Sirius followed Orion through a dense wood without any path. In the beginning, he stumbled in roots and bushes, but with a lot of concentration, he soon walked as easily as Orion did. He, on the other hand, effortlesly talked all the way, as if he hadn’t had any listeners in a long time.

“Some of the members says we should blindfold the newcomers 'n case they’re spies. Codswallop, if you ask me. The only enemies we have are the native creatures. And they don’t even look like humans. Besides, we humans have something in common here. That eerie veil.” Orion shivered for a split second.

Sirius heart began beating fast. All the humans here had fallen through the veil? That meant this wasn't the afterlife. Maybe he could come back. See his family again.

“Do you know if it’s possible to come back? To the normal world,” asked Sirius, trying, without succseeding, to hide his hope and excitement. Orion opened his mouth to answer, but he was cut off by a voice that bellowed: “Intruders! Everyone, find your weapons!”

Sirius was shocked. Had Orion walked in the wrong direction? The proud speech he had had about his tribe might have distracted him from actually walking towards them. Or maybe they had stumbled upon some kind of trap. But as he looked at Orion he could see his own confusion reflected.

“You stupid fools! It’s me! Your chi-“ An arrow had almost hit him in the shoulder. “Who shot that? You’ll pay!”

“Sorry!” said a young voice from the direction the arrow had come from. “I didn’t mean… It just…the arrow…” the voice drained out. Orion ignored it and continued to walk, even though his steps were tenser. Sirius followed, puzzled.

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