The Veil

Sirius Black did not die. He came to a new land, where he hears a prophecy about himself.

(I am open to co-authors)


2. The Prophecy

They entered a clearing. The members of the Star Tribe had done a good job making the place liveable. The trees they had chopped down had been used to make a huge fence, surrounding the entire clearing, as well as some huts. Most of the huts were made of straw, though. Sirius estimated that there were thirty or forty huts, some big and some small. A small river was flowing under the fence on the east side and a big hut was standing beside it.

Around twenty people greeted them, and more were coming out of the huts and from the outer walls. There were most men, although Sirius could see some long braids and small children at the back of the crowd. Orion cleared his throat to make a speech.

“Listen, fellow humans. We have a new member in our tribe! We are lucky to have him here, as he is a strong fighter, with the name Sirius. Sirius, after the Dog Star, the brightest star in the sky. With him on our side, we’ll defeat the Waquers and find our way home!”

Sirius watched the crowds faces as Orion held his speech. At first, they were mildly interested, as if they had stood there and welcomed a new member too many times to really pay attention anymore. But when his name was mentioned, everyone in the crowd turned to each other with excitement they soon remembered to stifle. What was going on? Why was he so special? He was the only one there who didn’t know anything about the world. None of them knew him, Orion was the only one he had had a conversation with. Sirius looked at the man with a mix of confusion and strength, to let him know that he demanded an explanation. He didn’t want to be used. Orion seized Sirius’ shoulder and walked him to the big hut by the small stream.

“What was that all about?” demanded Sirius as soon as the door was closed. Orion was quiet for a while before he answered, as if he didn’t know if he should tell the truth or not. His thumb moved slowly along his jawline, making his beard even messier than before. When he spoke, the words came slowly, making sure none of them fell wrong.

“Do you know what a prophecy is?” Sirius nodded, although it was more of a jerk. Memories he had suppressed while experiencing this new world flooded back into his head, threatening to spill over. He closed his eyes hard for a moment, trying to command his brain to shut down those parts.

“Okay. So, the first five of us, the humans from the veil, gathered together in this very place just after a near death experience. We had just spied on the Waquers to find out if they were hostile or not, when one of us was spotted. The Waquers were incredibly happy to see him, if that is a word you can use for those ill-minded creatures. You see, a human could help them make all the weapons they wanted, as they themselves don't have any thumbs. They took my fellow man and put him in one of their not very well-made huts. We planned for a rescue, but it took a long time before we had enough information to actually save him. When we finally got him back, he had much intel on the Waquers, but the prophecy was the only thing he managed to tell us before he died. The dog from the sky is going to kill them all, also the eggs, were his last words. The Waquers must have poisoned him, because we found no wounds. Rest with the stars, Al Nair.”

Orion had closed his eyes, probably reliving memories with his dead friend. Sirius sat stiff. He didn't understand much from Orion's explanation, but one thing was clear to him. The people of the Star Tribe looked at him as their hero. They thought they knew him already, just because they knew what they needed from him. He didn't like these expectations. What should he do? He saw only two possibilities. Abandon the Tribe and see if he could survive on his own. Or becoming the hero they wanted him to be.

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