The Girl From the Woods

He wanted her to feel safe, to trust him, before he took her life away.


6. SIX

Her face was all over the news. It was a photo of her from the lacrosse game last year; her brown hair was braided, her green eyes bright and happy.

I always liked that photo.

The low hum of the TV followed me into the bathroom, the reporter's voice a mumble in my ears as I looked in the mirror.

I didn't look like a killer, that's what they'd say. But they were wrong.

Rachel was foolish to trust me.

My hands were still stained with red; it seeped between the lines of my palms, and was embedded under my fingernails. I couldn't get it off.

I knew then that's how they would find me—the guilt was living under my skin for everyone to see.

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