Children Of Our Planets



Chapter one


Well... this wasn’t where I… uh… wanted to be.

Beryl Meckiin was a child of Mercury, was a prodigy in language, and was honestly quite the talker. She was 58 on Mercury, and 13 on Earth, and currently, she was sitting with table Eight in the large cafeteria, and while they were chatting about how to escape, she was busy reading her favorite book, Na Puom gede Ein Faque, it's an old play about how the lowest class of humans survived during The Great Galactica, she says.

She looked up for a second, Syl and Kenno were sick, their resident Uranus and Mars kids. Everyone else was here though. Celiel and her curly golden hair, as messy as the day before, Agatha was sketching a map of The Nexus (and was letting off a faint blue light), Domique had bloodshot eyes from staying up till three AM every night, Ferri was sitting next to Jodi - they could’ve been twins if they were from the same planet, and Lekki with her brand new glasses and her hair braided to look nice and pretty. Beryl loved all of them, Celeil a little bit more than the rest.

“Berry, can you try to help us make an escape plan?” complained Ferri.

Beryl sighed, “Yes sir,” she closed her book and asked, “What have we got so far? since you seem to only exist to plot and ruin my days.”

“Alright, so,” Domique interrupted, “You and Agatha are gonna figure out a safe route outside. Kenno and I already have six books on surviving in the wilderness-”

“Even with the Polanar?” Agatha asked.

“Yes, honey, even with the Polanar. Now, we have the books, all we need are a weeks worth of supplies for each of us, and that should last us until we get to Nashville. Once we get there, we find Syl’s brother and he’ll keep us safe from the patrols until we get a cargo to take us to one of the A-Planets. We’ll probably get to the one by Neptune or Saturn - Mars if we don’t have enough Crowns.”

Beryl took in all this information and paused to think,“What if we don’t make it out?”

“No what ifs, only wills. We will make it out, all of us will survive, and I will not take no for an answer.”

“When do we leave?”

“When we have everything, and before the picking, hopefully.”

After dinner, Beryl went to their bunker. Syl was half asleep, her bunk was under Agatha’s. Syl had long black hair and grey skin, her eyes were an icy blue, and she had red bumps all over her arms. She had a bad case of Fisherman’s pox. It’s not contagious, so she was allowed to sleep in her own bed, but for good measure she was to wear a hospital mask.

“Hey Berry…” Syl whispered, wow, the pox had taken a toll on her throat.

“Hey Sylli, you feeling better?”


Agatha jumped down from her bed, “I made a bet with Julianna that this wasn’t Fisherman’s. I think it’s Umbraine.”

“She’s not coughing up blood though.”

“No, but her eyebrows are purple and her teeth are black!” Agatha sounded oddly cheerful, and though both illnesses were deadly, it seemed all she cared about was the extra roll of bread at the end of the day.

“Did you hear Domique’s plan, by the way? Full of holes and destined for misfortunes!” Beryl was waving her hands around like a madman, “He expects us to come up with the whole plan, sometimes I can't stand him.”

“Well…” Agatha responded, “that's why we love him, no? He’s incompetent, thinks he can do it himself, then turns to the five strongest women he knows.”

Beryl let out a breathy sigh, “I suppose, but he honestly needs to learn how to put things together himself.”

Soon enough it was time for bed, and too soon did sleep come to The Rooms Numbered 8. Next month they were all to be branded and sold.

Chapter Two


Well, you, of all people, know what they say, ‘weave trust… with trust’.

Celeil Saoulo was a child of Venus, and was the perfect vevini subject. She had golden curly hair(of actual gold, mind you), a photographic memory, dashing grey eyes, and steely skin. Though, Celeil was odd in some cases, in how she couldn't define purples from blues, or how she would always be stronger than every other girl of Venus, or how she had an obsession with burning her problems. She fit in just fine, did alright in all her classes, and despised The Nexus everyone called home. She was 22 on Venus and 14 on Earth. No one really hated her, and she wasn’t really special.

Well, she was to groups 8-All and 6-8-V. They loved her. They thought she was funny, and pretty, and that the way she smiled could light up a room. Some even say her laughter was like music. She was just glad they didn’t know the rest.

See, she knows who her parents are, she knows how to find them, and she knows the hell they'll go through when she does.

Celeil was sleeping with the rest of the Venus girls that night, with that sickness going around they needed to be vaccinated. She woke up with a sore arm and neck, and several bruises on her face. She tells me she has no idea how they got there (yeah, right), but assumes they’re from the vaccinations.

6-8-V was an odd room that morning, half the girls were missing, and the other half were complaining about their bruises and pains. Amateurs.

“Right, kids!” shouted Camille, she was the captain of 6-8, “We’re missing… 7 girls, what month is it?”

“Maius,” they all replied, almost in unison.

Then someone shouted, “The thinning has begun!” (Upon further reflection, she says, it was probably Charoe)

“No, it’s the tests!”

“The gathering!”

The fighting had begun, and when Vevini fight, there’s no stopping them, soon pillows and blankets were being thrown back and forth, and Celeil had to climb through the vents to escape the horror that was 6-8. Shimmying her way to 8-All-F, she noticed graffiti in the vents, lots of them done by her friends but some she hadn’t seen before.


To the hope we can provide!

To the satisfaction of freedom!

Those ones had always been there, but this one was new,

To the hope we all die a quick and painless slow and painful death

That one scared her. Who wants to die painfully? Or slowly? She kept crawling through the vents, trying not to make any sound, as to not alert the guards below her.

After five minutes or so, Celeil heard Agatha’s soft voice, “Syl?”

“Do you think she’s… ya’ know…” whispered a voice that was so obviously Lekki’s (Celeil says that Lekki’s voice was like butter back then).

“Comatose? I hope not,” Agatha’s voice was shaking, “go get the nurse, what are you standing around for!”

Celeil started crawling faster. Much faster. Syl was a sister, Syl was the one she practically raised, Sylviana was the most sweet, kind, respectful, little marshmallow of a Unatti. And today was not the day she’d leave.

Three minutes, then eight, then ten, then twenty, then sobs. She was too late, wasn’t she?


She knew that voice…

“Mama! No don’t- don’t go!”

No, why now?


Then she saw her, the tiny, baby version of Syl, “No, Syl, it’s okay! It’s okay…” She held the child in her arms, and picked her up. This was the day Syl was left here, Maius 23, 8534. That was only six years ago- to the day, nonetheless. Today was going to be her ‘Birthday Party’, mostly because she didn’t know her own birthday.

Crawl. Wake Up. Do something! You haven’t done this for a month. Are your meds not working? Sweetie, do you need to see the doctor? Get off your face now crawl, you worm. Go, she needs you.


So, that was how she ended up in the wrong room, covered in dust, smelling like menthol, and wheezing. She was dragged back to her room, where she proceeded to wiggle to the clinic.

Celeil had gotten there before the nurse got back with Sylvania, Oh the poor kid. “Syl, Sy- oh my desti, are you okay?” She was choking on her words, almost sobbing.

“She’ll be fine.” The nurse said, “I promise.”

Don’t make a promise you can’t keep, Celeil thought. You could see the tips of her fingers going from silvery-grey to gold.

Chapter Three


Shine brighter that I ever did. Can you do that for me?

Agatha Foragehi was a child of Earth’s moon (The only moon that has inhabitants that differ from their planet), she was the youngest Moonie in The Nexus. She was quiet, and shy. You could never hear her when she entered a room, unless she was with Domique, and she always was. He was her best friend, and she loved him. Agatha was 12 on the Moon, and on Earth, and she never wanted to grow up.

But sometimes, you have to.

Currently, she was sitting beside Celeil in the nurse’s room. Syl was having trouble breathing, and the chances for her survival were slim, but, she never gave up. She wouldn’t now.

Domique entered the room, red faced, like he’d just run up three flights of stairs - ‘Cause he did, “Is- is Syl okay?” he was scared.

The nurse sighed, “She will be.”

Oh she better.

Before lunch, everyone from 8 came to see Syl, they were her friends, her family. Everyone seemed to forget she was from Uranus, and if she did… die, she wouldn’t. Because her body would just freeze and thaw out. Then she’d be mostly okay.

“I wrote some notes for you guys…” she said with a quivering voice, “They’re… on the table.”

Domique quickly picked up a yellow envelope, opened it, and gave the letters to everyone. Agatha couldn’t bring herself to read it. Not like this. It would be a shame if she got tears on her note. Sylviana had the most beautiful handwriting in all of The Nexus. Lekki, Celeil, and Jodi all read theirs immediately, the others waited.

The nurse walked over to the group of children, “I’ m afraid you all have to leave.” not wishing to make the situation worse, they said their I love yous and their goodbyes, and left the room. Agatha collapsed in the hall, crying. Ferri and Jodi got on the floor with her.

“Hey, kiddo,” Jodi whispered, “It’ll be alright-”

“She’ll be alright.” Ferri interrupted, picking up the sobbing Monti, “We know it.”

Jodi was trying to conceal his own tears, “Hey, um, Ag?”

She sniffled and replied, “What?” as she wiped her nose with her sleeve.

“What do clouds wear under their clothes?” He had this huge smile on his face.

Agatha looked at him, almost annoyed by the joke, “A-A what?”

“Thunderwear!” Well, Lekki thought it was funny. Agatha pulled closer to Jodi, sobbing still. Jodi said he’d take her to bed, Celeil was tired, she thought she’d sleep with the gang tonight, so she followed. Agatha read her note in the morning:

Agga, Hey.

So, If you’re reading this, I’m dead or frozen. Uh... as you’ve known, I had Imnocambius Destrox Mal-destruction, (Den Mother Syndrome), where my genes get all mixed up and, because of inbreeding usually, I die of small illnesses or from ones that my parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents had in their genetic coding. Turns out that wasn’t it, they did tests, there is no past of inbreeding in my family at all, so they rediagnosed me with Inemidia Fractures (Snowy Owl Disorder), just an extreme case. Instead of making me all white and crave flesh, I became all grey-ish and bumpy, apparently I have a third set of chromosomes and wouldn’t have survived past 20, so, I guess it doesn’t matter. So, I’m gonna die. Whatever, I’m from Uranus, we’re practically immortal till we get physically, mortally injured. I’ll freeze over and come back deaf or something, right? Nope. I’m not a purebred Unnati, My father, apparently, was from Ceres, there’s only 200 inhabitants now, but they’re practically the same, ‘cept they burn up when they die. So, Uh… I love you.


The prettiest handwriting in all of The Nexus, in all of the world.

In all of her heart.

Chapter four


So you never even bothered, huh?

Kenno qy Dhutillo was a child of Mars, kind and calm, reserved and clever, cunning, and mostly high on his own medication. He never liked others, they were either too loud or bothered him with their quietness. Until he got transferred to group 8. He liked the balance of quiet and loud, chaos and kindness, and most of all, he liked Agatha and Jodi.

He thought of Agatha as the sister he never had. They were so similar personality wise, their teachers thought that they copied each other’s papers. He thought of Jodi as a lover he would never have. Jodi was different than the other boys. While loud and rambunctious, he was kind and thoughtful. He only meant well, and he only deserved the best. Kenno was the best. Though Jodi seemed to be attached to Ferri by the hip, he never thought for a second that they could’ve been romantically involved. But with that said, Kenno couldn’t deny the fact that he loved Agatha more, and wouldn’t leave his sister for some boy who would never notice him in the first place.

Kenno was currently stuck in the boy’s clinic, he had sartorial paralysis, which could only be cured with poison, which they had to wait for.

Oh well.

So, stuck in the clinic, he decided to gather some information on certain medication, and maybe even how to cure illnesses naturally. Who knows what you’ll find in the clinic. He does, he fround everything twice before.

Chapter five


I’m too strong to go now.

Domique Xexzou was a child of Jupiter, like most Juji, he was muscular and handsome, unlike them… he was too muscular. In fact, he was probably the strongest kid in all of The Nexus. He did alright in classes, and kept his family safe(his family being group 8). He was the one who wanted to get out of here the most, because he was the one who found out. As he was walking down the hall, late the night Syl died, he saw girls from all planets in their nightgowns, gawking at him. Dom was 15 on Earth, and just over 1 on Jupiter. He wasn’t particularly interested in girls he didn’t know, but it seemed every girl he didn’t know was interested in him.

Anyways, he needed to get to the clinic and get checked out, along with some kids from Mercury and a boy from Saturn. He suspected it had to do with the sickness that was going around, or maybe just the people in contact with Syl. Syl… he missed Syl. Dom was the first one to notice her getting sick, the way her moods were changing and all that. Domique thought that Sylviana was the cutest girl in the whole Milky Way. The way her hair rolled over her shoulders, or how she smiled showed the way her canines popped out (Now, don’t get him wrong, he thought Beryl, Celeil, Agatha, and Lekki were cute too, but Syl just died, of course he’d think of her more!). He passed lots of girls in the halls.

“Hey Dommy!”

“Hi Dom, you feeling okay?”

“Dommo, you don’t look so good..”


Well, either way, he did make it to the clinic, except with some minor amnesia but whatever, he’s good.

Chapter six


This was never apart of my agenda!

(I’m so sorry, he wanted to write his chapter, and when Ferri Azatta wants something he gets it.)

I walked into the clinic, eyes wide and wet. Lying on a bed was one of my best friends, Domique of Jupiter. His rust-colored skin was covered in drops of sweat, his sunset-golden hair tangled, his big orange eyes were begging to scream out ‘Please help me!’, but to no avail. I looked around the room, two Merci, twins from the looks of it, and a young boy from Saturn. I knew none of them. I rushed to my friend, asking if he was okay in a pleading voice.

He replied, “Should be.” and asked for a water, graciously, I gave him a bottle. He downed the whole thing in six seconds.

Jodi ran in, his glasses askew, and black eyes darting back and forth, to Dom, then to me. He was followed by Lekki, her green hair pulled back in a bun, Celeil, who was wearing a frilly night gown, and Agatha, whose hair was glowing a violent red. The Nurse rushed out the other boys and went on to treating Domique. Agatha was scared most of all. You could see the worry in her milky eyes, and the terror written on her lavender face.

The nurse, we found out his name was Jebediah Cunningham, began to apply a cream to Dom’s face and chest, he slowly stopped hyperventilating, and went back to a normal breathing rate. He would be fine.

“You see sweetie,” He was talking to Agatha, “Domique over there has a thing called Desert chills, that means he-”

“Gets cold then bakes alive, I know. Please don’t call me sweetheart.”

“Yeah,” Dom said, in a scratchy voice, “Don’t call her sweetheart.”

The nurse went back to treating Dom, and we all left for the ‘Midnight Lunch’. Even though it was 10:46, the cafe had already opened for the nocturnal kids, and we couldn’t go back to sleep without something in our stomachs. I got a sandwich, Lekki got a salad, Celeil got some ramen, and Agatha got cookies and milk. Classic Ag.

We ate in silence.

The silence ate us.

Sleep came difficult to all of us that night. But we all got through it. The day after was pure bliss.

Chapter eight


Sylviana Gennata was currently being transported to Quebec. She, along with a couple other women, had a rare genome called AC. If the government could extract this, she could save so many people. They promised to give her back. They wouldn't keep it.

Chapter nine


Brothers till the last dyin’ day.

Jodi Kszral was a child of Neptune, he wasn’t like any of them at all. While he did have the classic black eyes, he had dirty blonde hair, and pale skin. He was also a bit too ‘stupid’ to be in the Neptune classes, so he was put in the Jupiter classes (which Agatha and Dom were in, so it was cool). He was 14 on Earth and wasn’t even 0.1 years old on Neptune.

So, today was the day Kenno would be discharged, and everyone would leave. The situation got dire, our little clan needed to leave immediately. Beryl had gotten what they needed, and they had to leave at exactly 8:52 AM for her plan to work. Jodi was off to go pick up Kenno, breakfast in hand, and one bag swung across each shoulder. He, like Dom, had captured the affections of many young women in The Nexus, though most of them just wanted to be his friend. Plus, he wasn’t to interested in girls anyways. Where was the clinic again? He got to the clinic at 7:14, and Ken was mostly ready to go, He just needed to layer up some more, as a T-Shirt and some capris would definitely not be enough to survive out there in the wild.

“I’m almost ready, gimme a second- jeez.” Kenno removed his shirt, he was covered in scars and burns from before he even got here, about ten years ago. Still, he looked fairly attractive, Jodi thought, for a kid. Kenno got changed fairly quickly when he saw that Jodi was staring, who turned around when he got the hint.

The two left the clinic, eating bagels, jogging to get to the lab, where everyone would meet and get their get their immune systems strengthened tenfold. Kenno looked a little sad, everyone was. This was their home, where they’ve made all their memories, where they were raised. They knew that the faculty didn't love them, and that the whole 8/Nexus relationship was one sided, but mostly because they were raised for science.

Chapter ten


I never knew you to be one for dishonesty.

Lekki Dckazc was a child of Pluto. She was 14 on Earth and Half of a Half of a year old on Pluto. She had it all, the purple skin, big, yellow, shiny, moonlike eyes, frizzy green hair, terrible eyesight. She was smart no doubt about it, but she was also lazy and a bit to sarcastic for her own safety. She was the first one in the lab, so Hernan, the only faculty member who agreed to help them, was busy giving her the shots and cutting her hair.

“Hey Hernan?” Lekki sighed, she didn’t want to ask this, but it was needed, “if you’re gonna tell anyone, can you do it a month after we leave? We should be long gone by then…”

Hernan was taken aback, “Lekki, you’re not telling me to turn you in are you?”

“I am.” He continued to cut her hair.

“I would never, you’re too precious.”

Lekki was scared of lots of things, Hernan just became one of them. She’d known him since the day she showed up here, he was twenty-six-years older than her. Is this weird? Is this how fathers talk to their daughters, or do I have to run? He had a sharp pair of scissors, he was strong. The door was locked, there were no windows. She turned to look at him. Bloodshot eyes, scruff, messy hair, he could’ve been an over-worked dad or a high professor.

He looked confused, “What is it kiddo?” His breath smelled like coffee and sleep.

Lekki looked away, “Oh, um, nothing! It was nothing.”

He snipped the last of her hair, fixed her bangs, and smiled at his work. Hernan handed her a mirror. Short, She thought, That’s really short. It looked cute, sure, but Lekki knew it would take time to get used to it. He went to unlock the door, and the whole crew came piling in.

Beryl was excited, she had gotten everything ready, she came up with the plan.

Celeil was worried, she was tired, but she had to be strong for today.

Agatha was scared, her hair was pulled into a tight top-knot, since she was the only one who couldn’t part with it all.

Kenno was happy, he’d gotten his hair cut yesterday, he’d taken his last good shower.

Domique was in ecstasy, he’d dreamed of this day for so long.

Ferri was uncertain, sure he hated the place, but it was his home.

Jodi was trying to calm himself down, exploring always made him anxious.

Lekki was feeling every emotion in the room. It was time to change everything, identities, hair, the way they felt about the world. Everything was about to change.

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