Followed by a rain cloud

A collection of poems, prose and straight up ramblings.


24. Who broke you? – June 2017

How many times can a vase be shattered and glued back together before it becomes irreparable?

Before the glass fragments are crushed to powder and can no longer fill the gaps…

Can no longer serve its purpose.

Water leaking through the cracks.

Flowers dying before their time;

Lacking what the vase was built to hold.

Do you throw away what is now forever damaged?

- Discard it in the trash? Leave it behind and never look back?

Or conceal it in bubble wrap and hide it away?

- Ashamed of its faults and flaws, yet hanging on to it by a single thread. Once in a blue moon you’ll discover it covered in dust; neglected and still broken.

Or do you find another purpose for it?

- A purpose that will keep it safe yet still have it on show for all to admire and you to cherish; like a beautiful, unique ornament.

The vase never asked to be broken,

Yet here it lies in the palm of your hand

Waiting for its fate to be decided.

It has no voice.

It has no say.

The decision is yours.

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