Followed by a rain cloud

A collection of poems, prose and straight up ramblings.


13. The Cola Analogy – March 2017

I was a fizzy drink that had been dropped.

Waiting to explode.

She loosened my lid and my guts spilled onto the floor,

My emotions poured all over her.

I didn’t know she’d use it against me.

My remnants coated her fingers;


To which she showed to others,

Aired my dirty laundry.

That witch!

That bitch!

Call me all the names under the sun

For I have done wrong,

But she forgot to tell of how she washed her hands and calmed me down.

The bubbles, the froth

All simmered down.

I was calm.

I was fine.

Everything was fine.

Until I was violently shaken.

Punished for overflowing.



But I have learnt my lesson.

Now I’ll bottle my feelings.

Glue the lid shut.

I won’t fall for that trap again.

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