Followed by a rain cloud

A collection of poems, prose and straight up ramblings.


19. Temporary Partnerships – April 2017

It’s like I knew.

I guess I always had a gut feeling,

Knowing that this was only temporary.

People, are only temporary.


I put my heart on the line.

Served it up on a silver platter.

Offered up myself;

More open than ever.


But I was dropped.

The air knocked from my lungs,

Ceasing my heartbeat

And in that second I no longer existed.


No longer belonged.

Every insult which I took as a joke became a reality.

I accepted it.

Not worth it. Useless. Bitch. Fool.


My insecurities laid bare out in the open space.

My fears rising to the surface,

Once hidden and submerged now becoming visible.


They only used to affect me.

They were my problems.

But they were picked at.

They are the reason we won’t work.


I am the reason we won’t work.

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