Followed by a rain cloud

A collection of poems, prose and straight up ramblings.


22. Silently Destroyed – April 2017

Staying afloat or at least trying to.

My efforts are as good as me keeping my nail varnish intact.

I look down at the chipped polish; point proven.


Unable to see a time when I won’t be drowning.

It’s like I’m waiting at the bottom of the ocean for someone to save me.

I look up to find no-one there.


Cutting people off to protect myself.

They’re like vampires that feed off your desire to listen and support.

Yet look you in the eye and lie to your face.


Inwardly crying for help.

Every insult, every wound, every injustice collects inside me.

You’re playing tug of war with my emotions

And I’m not sure how much I can take.

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