Followed by a rain cloud

A collection of poems, prose and straight up ramblings.


10. A Fool in Love / Reminiscing – May 2016

Flashback to the second month of ‘06

Or more specifically; Valentine’s Day

This boy had caught my eye

He made me laugh – never cry

We played together in rain and sun

I genuinely thought he was the one.


Silly, little me at just eight years of age

Bought a card; signed it ‘love S’

Gave it to his mum to give to him

Embarrassment levels full to the brim

A secret I could not verbalise

Using friendship as a disguise.


She read it first, not him

And announced my secret out loud

Staring in horror by what had been uttered

“I have to go” was all that I muttered

Walking away I felt my heart drop

Wishing my breathing would suddenly stop.


Other girls began declaring their love for him

Lessening the awkwardness between us

But it wasn’t easy to supress what I felt

Seeing him smile made my heart melt

But soon I would realise that he was nothing but trouble

Dating my friends? Not so subtle.

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