Alex My Roommate

Alex is a young freshman in college and is made to dorm with thee schools bad boy.

Dan is a 21 year old ound year college studet and has never had a roommate for more than a few days and when he cant seem to scare Alex of he starts to get curious in him and slowly allowsd himself to open up to the young boy like he hadn't done since he was a kid.


1. New roomate

As Dan woke early that day he groaned cluthching his head and groaned more remmebring that to day he got a new room mate genius kid.  "Why room him with me the weird bad boy?" He asked himself softly.  

Alex walked into the college he was starting at today and sighed heavily pushing his long black hair out the way of his eye as he looked up at the large college and took a long deep breath trying to calm his accelerated haert rate.

Dan tured his head to look at his bedside table clock and  saw that the time was still early for him to be up and decided to get ready for his new roommates arrival.

Alex slowly walked up to his new room and knocked gently the large "Go Away" poster making him smile slightly.

Dan heard the door and walked over to it his chest in a tight black vest and ripped jeans hanging losely on his hips as he opened the door he looked down at the boy or to his eyes ball of black clothing and pale white skin.

Alex looked up slowly his eyes wide as he looked right into bright sky blue eyes on a strong blank face belonging to a very tall and muscular man. 

Slowly Dan shook his head still transfixed with the boys crimson eye color and made his face a deep scowl. "What do you want brat?"  He said in a deep gravly voice.

Alex swallowed around a lump in his throught and answered in a soft gentle femamnin voice. " I'm Alex i am your new roomate that is if your Dan." He said looking up at Dan with the lightest of possible blushes on his cheeks.

Dan grunted and opened the door wider and moved to the side giving Alex room to walk into the room and look around. His eyes trailed over the boys femanin figure but he quickly turned his face away. "Yeah that would be me brat your room is the one on  the right don't go in my room and don't burn the room down if you cook or smoke kid." He grunted out.

Alex walked in and looked around the large living space and smillied as he saw only coffee ad bands that he liked.

Dan had a ghost of a smile on his face as he watched Alex walk around and saw his small cute smile. He woundered about his love life briefly and let his eyes trail over his body slowly taking it all in to his mind.



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