Life Tips

Here are some tips that have helped me through fun times, tough times, or even boring times!


6. You want that but you're trying to save money

You're a constant shopper like me, but you have so many bills to pay. Adulting sucks. 


Well, make yourself a goal! After bills and stuff are paid, don't buy anything if your account is under $20!


Of course, if you're like me and only 16 with no job at the moment, this is a good way to stop yourself from buying things.


It also helps you save money. Keep $20 from every paycheck and it adds up. 


Now this is only because my parent's won't let me get a savings account. But if you have a savings account, but $20 every paycheck. 


This helps me save money and eventually I will get all supplies I need. Typically, I'm like "Alright I got $15 time to buy a few things from Wish" but now that I own a business, I can't do that.


So hopefully this helps anyone with money troubles!

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