Life Tips

Here are some tips that have helped me through fun times, tough times, or even boring times!


7. Things you can do to kill time

You're bored.

There's no school today. No work. Nobody can hang out with you. You can't drive. 


Well here are some things you can do to kill some time!


1) Write a book. You're on Movellas!!

2) Read a book.

3) Draw

4) Meet new people by commenting on mumbles, stories, etc.

5) Window shop on the internet (amazon, aliexpress, Wish, Cos com warehouse, etc)

6) Watch that new show everybody talks about ((Attack on Titan)).

7) Learn how to cook

8) Walk to the nearest store and treat yourself to a soda.

9) Solve a rubix cube without taking it apart and putting back together. Without peeling off the stickers.

10) Learn a dance

11) Have a tea party with your stuffed animals.

12) experiment with makeup

13) Scroll to the pits of Instagram

14) Watch Youtube all day.

15) Make a new outfit or costume.

16) Photoshop.

17) Color your shoes pretty designs.

18) Play that one video game out never completed.

19) Sleep

20) Cuddle with your cat/dog.

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