Life Tips

Here are some tips that have helped me through fun times, tough times, or even boring times!


8. Somebody blocked you!!



I have this problem where I block a person. Then they create another account to watch mine. So I block that. And this goes on for like five more accounts of theirs.


I've had other problems where I block someone on Instagram. They get my phone number. So I block their number. Suddenly they show up on my twitter or even my Wattpad!!


Here's a life tip...


If somebody blocks you... LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE!!!


This has happened to me too many times, it really makes me upset when I see these people constantly watching my profile on whatever social media, and it really upsets me when they message me hate. I blocked you because you said hurtful things. That doesn't mean you create another account and continue saying these hurtful things.


Words can't explain how upsetting and angering this can be. I don't want to be in these situations and yet I end up in these.


Here I am writing my book. Suddenly I get "Explain" in my messages... 


Dude I blocked you for a reason what is there to explain??


"Why did you cosplay that character, you knew I wanted to do that cosplay."


1) No I did not know that
2) You're seriously messaging me over that? I blocked you, how do I know what you're doing?
3) I'm sorry my wig fell apart (literally the hair came off of it) and I borrowed my friends wig????


And so I explain those and he is still arguing. He also argues I was supposed to sell a wig to him. First, I'm not getting money out of this. As one who took business courses, if he did not pay for it I can deny him. He says that's not how business works... He's 12 and saying his opinion! I'm 16, I own a business, I work, I take classes, I study law.  I'm saying fact.


He was rude to me, so why am I going to give him free stuff?


I blocked you, it means leave me alone.



And that was only one example..


Another was when I was in the midst of an episode. Suddenly I get notified. Somebody posted pictures of me in the middle of an episode of mine and how did that happen? How did she get those pictures?? Because she created another account to stalk me on.


When will people learn? People block for a reason. You have ZERO right to follow them around and see what they're doing 24/7. That's just wrong. That's just disgusting.


I wouldn't be saying this if it didn't happen multiple times. This is my every day life, sadly. I've blocked over 80 accounts from people stalking me or sexually harassing me. Just because I put makeup and wigs on doesn't make me some hot chick who wants dick. Cuz first of all I'm a guy. Secondly, I have a girlfriend. 


Anyway I'm just ranting at this point. I'm just so fed up right now. I'm so thankful for the Movellas community for not being so rotten. Thank you.

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