Life Tips

Here are some tips that have helped me through fun times, tough times, or even boring times!


4. How to get that stain out of the carpet before your parents come home

Your parents aren't home.


You're partying either alone or with your siblings. 


Suddenly you spill something on the carpet.


Your try to rub it but it just isn't coming off..


"Sigh... my parents are going to kill me."




Take some baking soda and vinegar! It gets the stain off every time from blood to cat puke.

Speaking from experience. Loveee cats.


Put the vinegar into a squirt bottle and spray it onto the stained carpet. Pour baking soda over it. Then scrub for your dear life...


Then it's gone!


If you want to hide that scent, use Spot Shot! It also gets the stain up, only I prefer the vinegar and baking soda. 


And then your parents won't kill you when they get home!

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