Life Tips

Here are some tips that have helped me through fun times, tough times, or even boring times!


2. Cleaning Piercings

I have seven piercings. That's a lot. 

I do know a lot about piercing care, mainly ear care.

I got my industrial piercing a little less than a year ago and the cleaning spray they gave me caused discomfort, abnormal swelling, etc.


Typically when you get a piercing (that's not on your lobes), they make the bar a tad bit bigger so the sensitive area has room to swell. They did not do that for me, they gave me a bar that's smaller than the normal length. Talk about pain. 


The first three months I had it, I kept the bar in. With the spray hurting my ear more, I decided to work my own magic. 

I boiled water then put one cup of it into a glass measuring cup. I put in a teaspoon of salt then stirred it. I took a Q-tip and cleaned it that way. It brought down a LOT of the swelling. 


Now, I do have EXTREMELY sensitive ears, so this method works for me. It may not work for everybody. My ears are so sensitive, I can't keep the bar out for more than ten minutes or else it will shut. Speaking from experience.


Once three months passed, I bought a longer bar off of wish for about $2 and I kept that one in ever since. It's much more comfortable for my ear and it gives that extra room despite it not being swollen anymore. I don't even have scar bubbles!



Hopefully this helps somebody with piercings!

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