Life Tips

Here are some tips that have helped me through fun times, tough times, or even boring times!


11. Applying for a job

As one who's worked at fast food places, I know that a lot of places don't even look at your references to see if they're legit. So if you can't think of three or four references, you can use family members and they won't care.


Now, that's only where I live. I would check to see if that's okay where you live before doing so...


For interviews, obviously go best dressed. Sometimes, lying will get you the job. But NO major lies. Like if they ask "why did you apply here and not one of the ten million other places around here?" I say every time "Growing up, this was always our 'go-to' place whenever there were special occasions." I've gotten the job every time by saying that. 


I mean, what else are you gonna say? "Cuz no other place will hire me"?? Nah, that sounds bad.


Smile! In most places, eye contact is important. Speak up but don't talk fast! They can sense fear!


If they ask "What makes you think you're ready for this job?" I'd say "I work at a fast pace, I get along with the people I work with, and I will provide what the customer wants with no problems."


And that's about all the tips I got. Hopefully this helps!

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