Red and Blue

You may know the story of Red and Blue in the games and the origin series
but this is a different story it is about the same characters Red,Blue and Green so please enjoy


3. Vs Giovanni

Giovanni: Hah don't you know the advantages my Rhyhorn has against you

Red: I don't care my Charmander will destroy your Rhyhorn

Giovanni: We'll just see Rhyhorn Horn Attack!

Red: Charmander Ember the horn

Rhyhorn hits Charmander in it's tummy but Charmander paybacks it with Ember that unables Rhyhorn to use it's horn

Giovanni: Rhyhorn one more Horn attack!

Red: Charmander you can take this right!

Charmander nods at Red and takes the damage

Red: Charmander unleash your Fire

Charmander releases a giant wave of Fire from it's mouth hitting Rhyhorn badly that it causes Rhyhorn to faint

Giovanni: Rhyhorn noo!

Red: Great job Charmander

Giovanni: It's not over yet kid go Sandshrew

Red: I'm keeping in Charmander

Giovanni: Sandshrew Sand-Attack!

Red: A bit of sand won't hit my Charmander Now Scratch the heck out of him

A strange man peeks through the window examining the fight

???: That looks like a worthy opponent

Red: Ember go!

Giovanni: That's not very effective Scratch!

Red: Noo Charmander

Giovanni: Dig it!

Red: Ember the hole and follow Sandshrew

Charmander: Charchar

Charmander goes through the hole following Sandshrew

Red: When you find him unleash your Fire!

Giovanni: That's not gonna happen

Red: Charmander now! unleash your full power

A big wave of fire appears under and reveals Sandshrew

Giovanni: Sandshrew no!

The wave causes Sandshrew to faint

Giovanni: Sandshrew return. Good job boy I forgot to get your name what is it?

Red: I'm Red

Giovanni: Red huh That's a good name

Red: Thanks Giovanni is a great name too it's sounds evil

Giovanni laughed

Red: So you said that this isn't an official gym battle where's the first gym then

Giovanni: It's in Pewter the next town just go through Viridian Forest

Red: Ok thanks

Giovanni: Wait let me heal your Pokemon

Red: Thanks Gio

Giovanni: No problem

Red: Well bye again

After Red went out of the gym

Green: Hey Red long time no see

Red: Hey Green

Green: Well now that we found ourselves and practically we're rivals let's have a battle

Red: Yeah Sure

Green: Go Spearow

Spearow: Sprrrrr

Blue: Hey don't forget about me Go Pidgey!

Pidgey: Pidgge

Red: Huh battle of bird Pokemon well the problem is I don't have a Flying Pok..

A bird then runs to their spot because there is Bird food

Red: What's that

Green: It's a Doduo it comes by here every year to eat Bird food

Red: Well that's amazing Go Pokeball

The ball hits the two headed bird and... stays in it

Red: Yes I caught a Bird Pokemon go Doduo!

Doduo: DaaaDooo

Blue: Now that we have our Pokemon let's battle!

Green: Spearow Peck the Pidgey in the head

Blue: Pidgey Gust

Red: Doduo Double Peck the Pidgey and the Spearow

Spearow pecks the Pidgey straight and Pidgey paybacks it with a strong Gust Doduo Pecks the two birds

Green: Sperow Peck Doduo

Blue: Pidgey Gust Doduo as well

Red: Doduo Peck them fast

Doduo quickly Pecks the two Pokemon causing them to faint

Red: Good job Doduo

Blue and Green: Return

Blue: Squirtle Go!

Green: Bulbasaur Go!

Red: Doduo Peck those two

Blue: Squirtle Water Gun Go!

The Water Gun hits Doduo critically causing it too faint

Red: Return Good job Doduo go Charmander

Charmander: Charman

Bulbasaur: Bullbaaa

Squirtle: Squirtsquirt

Red: Ember

Green: Leech Seed

Blue: Water Gun

All of their hits causes a big cloud and after minutes of fog the results come Bulbasaur is down and only two are left...

To be continued

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