Red and Blue

You may know the story of Red and Blue in the games and the origin series
but this is a different story it is about the same characters Red,Blue and Green so please enjoy


5. Vs Bug Catcher

Red: A battle huh well then go Charmander

???: A Charmander what a strong Pokemon

Red: Thanks

???: But my Pinsir can handle it Cut go

Red: Charmander Ember the horn

Charmander burns Pinsir's horns causing it to be burnt

???: Pinir no

Red: Yes good job Charmander

???: Wait I forgot Pinsir blow away the flames

Pinsir shook his head until the flames are gone

???: That's a good bug

Red: Charmander Burn your claws and unleash a strong Scratch

???: What Charmander can do that

Charmanderhits Pinsir with all it's might

???: Pinsir no

Red: Charmander unleash your Fire

Charmander releases all it's Fire causing Pinsir too faint

???: Pinsir no!

Red: Well now can you get out of my way

???: Never

The male gets out a kazoo plays on it and causes a lot of Bug Catchers to appear

Red: Oh what the f..

Blue: Red

Green: Red

Red: Hey guys wanna help me battle these fools

Blue: That's what trainers do

Green: Yeah Go Spearow and Bulbasaur

Spearow: Spparrr

Bulbasaur: BullBaa

Blue: Go Pidgey and Squirtle

Squirtle: Squirt

Pidgey: Pidgee

Red: Charmander Doduo I choose you

Charmander: Charr

Doduo: DaaDoo

Green: Bulbasaur Vine Whip and Spearow Fury attack

Blue: Squirtle Water Gun and Pidgey Gust

Red: Charmander Ember and Doduo Peck

The Bulbasaur releases two vines from it's bulb whipping a Caterpie and a Metapod while Spearow constantly repeats his Peck to a variety of Pokemon ranging from Weedle to Kakuna to Metapod and Venonat and Butterfree

while Squirtle washes it's opponents like Beedrills,Butterfrees and Venomoths Pidgey on the other hand blows away a number of bugs from Pinsirs to Scythers and mostly small ones like Paras,Venonat,Caterpie and Weedle

Charmander does a great job burning opponents like Metapods,Kakunas and sometimes Parasect while Doduo pecks two at a time from two Metapod and Kakuna Sometimes Flyers don't stand a chance like Butterfree

But after the intense battle Red and the gang gains the victor leaving the battlefield Grassy and have too much holes,wet,leaves on scatter mode,fire and more holes

Red: Good job guys

The threesome highfives each other

Red: Well thanks again

Blue: No probs

Green: Always happy too help

Red: Well now that we beat you tell me the way out of here,why you were blocking me and what your name is

???: Fine you need to go right then up go south and right and up then you're there and I wanted to challenge someone so my Kakuna would evolve my name is Jeff

Red: Well Jeff you should've asked me so I would go easy on you

Jeff: Yeah I should've asked

Red: Well thanks again Jeff

Then eventually a Flyer passes by then it hits red on his face

Red: Oh what

Bug catching contest

Have all the bugs you can catch

Bug catching contest

Venue Cerulean

Time Whenever

presented by the gym leader Misty

Red: Woah Bug catching contest at Cerulean

Then eventually Red finds a building saying

Viridian Forest-Pewter

Red: Finally

He goes in the building then out but when he's outside he sees people in black suits

Red: Who are these people

To be continued

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