Red and Blue

You may know the story of Red and Blue in the games and the origin series
but this is a different story it is about the same characters Red,Blue and Green so please enjoy


4. Viridian Forest

After the intense fight of Red,Blue and Green all Green's Pokemon faints leaving only Charmander and Squirtle in this chapter we will now know who will win

Red: Charmander!

Blue: Squirtle!

The two are still fighting seconds later Charmander faints

Red: Charmander!

Blue: Good Job! Squirtle

Blue hugs Squirtle and returns him too his Pokeball

Green: Good job Blue!

Blue: Thanks!

Red: Yeah That was a good fight

???: Hello kids

Red: Who are you?

???: My name is Brock

Blue: Brock?

Brock: Yes I saw your fight and I'm impressed about your battling skills

Red, Blue and Green: Thanks

Brock: Say Why don't you come to my place at Pewter

Red: Pewter?

Red remembers what Giovanni told him

Giovanni: The first gym is at Pewter

Red: Oh Right your a gym leader in Pewter right?e

Brock: Yes you are correct

Blue: Gym Leader?

Red: They're authorities on Pokemon they're like the mayors of every city

Brock: Right so you guys going to my place

Red: Of course

Blue: Yeah i'll try

Green: Absolutely

Brock: That's good news just go through Viridian Forest and you'll get there

Red: OK Thanks

Brock: No problem

Then the man goes away

Red: Gee that was convinient

Blue: Yeah oh right we should probably be going to the forest

Red: Yeah I almost forgot

Green: Thanks Blue

Then the gang goes from Viridian to it's forest

Green: Sure is dark here

Red: Yeah I noticed that too

Blue: Probably we should split up

Red: Yeah that sure sounds like a great idea

Green: Yeah let's do it

Then a few minutes later

Red: Come out you two

Charmander: Charchar

Doduo: DaaDooo

Red: Doduo you think you can give me a ride?

Doduo nods at Red and let's him ride on it's back

Red: Charmander I'll carry you but be sure to light our way out

Charmander nods at Red and strongly flashes it's Fire

Red: That's my boy

???: Ha! a worthy opponent

A boy with a hat and catching net blocks Red's way

Red: Hey what the hell get out!

???: Not unless you beat me on battle

Red: Fine but first what's your name?

???: I'll tell you if you beat me

Red: What! fine then show me your best!

???: Go Pinsir!

To be continued...






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