Red and Blue

You may know the story of Red and Blue in the games and the origin series
but this is a different story it is about the same characters Red,Blue and Green so please enjoy


1. Red

Mom: Red get down here!

A child zips his shoes and runs down the stairs.

Red: Yeah Mom!

Mom: Professor Oak our neighbor was looking for you Red

Red: OK Mom I'm going!

Mom: Take care honey

Red runs outside of his house to his town Pallet Town

Red: Oh is that!

Blue: Hey Red!

Red: Blue did the Professor ask you too!

Blue: Yeah of course!

Red: Then let's go the lab

Blue: Sorry but I'm going in first

Red: No Stop it!

The two children ran inside the building and inside were people in white cloaks and leading them was an old man with a white cloak and white hair

Red: Professor Oak

Blue: Gramps

Oak: Oh hello you two

Red: Is it true that You're giving us a Pokemon

Oak: Yes but It'll be a trade

Blue: What! How

Oak: I have a request for you two this is my invention the Pokedex

Red: Pokedex

Blue: Yeah Gramps has been working on it for 2 years now

Red: Oh well that's hard

Oak: Yes it was hard so this is my task Catch all the Pokemon in the world and record it's data in the Pokedex

Blue: So that we now know our task you did not forget about our trade right

Oak: Of course not

Red: Yes!

There are three Balls in the table one with a Fire symbol a Water symbol and a Grass symbol

Oak: There are three Pokemon here Bulbasaur the Seed Pokemon,Charmander the Lizard Pokemon and Squirtle the TinyTurtle Pokemon

Red: Squirtle,Bulbasaur and Charmander

Oak: Red go on choose! And choose carefully

Blue: Yeah I don't need to greedy like you

Red: What did you say?

Blue: Nothing just choose

Red: Then I choose you Charmander

Red throws the Pokeball that releases an Orange Lizard

Charmander:  Charchar

Red: I chose Charmander because I had a feeling that we can be strong

Blue: Well that's just stupid I won't choose my starter like that because Red chose Charmander I will choose his opposite

Blue throws the Pokeball and releases a Blue Turtle

Squirtle: Squirt

Oak: You two chose great Pokemon

???: Wait for me!

Oak: Huh! who are you

???: Hello sir I'm Green from Viridian I ran from there to here

Oak: Oh so You're Green well there's still one Pokeball there

Green ran to get the Pokeball throws it and releases a Blue-Green Frog

Bulbasaur: Bulbaa!

Red and Blue: Hi Green we got our Pokemon too!

Red and Blue shows their Pokemon to Green

Green: They're so cute!

Oak: Wait Green take this

Green: What is it

Oak: It's a Pokedex you record data on Pokemon my request for you is too catch them all

Green: That seems easy enough

Oak: Well run along you three

Red,Blue and Green: Ok Professor

Red,Blue and Green rush out of the lab.

Red: Then what's next

Green: Should we get out and go to my town

Blue: We may need to go through Route 1

Green: Yeah but Pidgey's and Rattata's are weak here

Red: Hah! That's funny!

Green: There are also random trainers with some kind of Rattata

Red: That seems weak

Blue: Well now let's go

Red: Yeah it's almost dark we should go before Pidgeotto's and Raticate's come

So the gang runs to Route 1

To be continued...


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