Red and Blue

You may know the story of Red and Blue in the games and the origin series
but this is a different story it is about the same characters Red,Blue and Green so please enjoy


2. Giovanni

Red voiceover: After getting our starters we head too Route 1 where we say our goodbyes and go to separate directions.

Red: Let's go Charmander!

Charmander: Char

Red: Huh a kid blocking the way! Maybe he's a trainer

Red runs to the boy and asks him for directions

Joey: Hi I'm Joey I'll give you directions is you defeat me in battle!

Red: A battle huh well I accept!

Joey: Go Rattata!

Red: Charmander I believe in you

Joey: Tackle go

Red: Dodge then scratch

Charmander hits Rattata in the head

Joey: Rattata no!

Red: His not attacking then Ember

Charmander Fires it's fire from it's tail and burns the Rattata

Joey: What's wrong with you Tackle!

After the intense battle Charmander gains the victor

Joey: Well now that you've beaten me I'll give you directions

Red: Thanks

Joey: Take a left right there then you're out oh! and watch out for Nidoran's they're viscious

Red: OK My Charmander can take them

After going through the way the youngster showed him Red catches his first Pokemon

Red: Yes I caught my first Pokemon Nidoran!

Red finally gets out of the Route and finds a sign

Red: Welcome to Viridian City

???: Hello kid you new to this place

Red: Yeah I came from Pallet

???: Pallet huh that's kind of a quaint place how did you get out of those wild Pokemon do you have a Pokemon?

Red: Yeah Professor Oak gave me this Charmander

???: Professor Oak you mean the Professor of Kanto?

Red: Yes why!

???: Nothing oh yeah I forgot to introduce myself i'm Giovanni a Gym Leader

Red: Gym Leader?

Giovanni: Gym Leaders are very good at Pokemon oh Kid tell you what try to challenge me later at my gym

Red: OK sir

Giovanni: Please call me Gio

Red: Ok Gio

Giovanni: OK bye kid see you later

Red: Bye!!

Red then goes to Viridian and finds a Red roofed building

Red: Pokemon Center?

Red goes inside and finds a Pink-haired woman

Red:  Hello ma'am I saw your sign and it said "Heal your Pokemon"

Nurse Joy: Hello and yes we heal your Pokemon just put your Pokeballs in this tray

Red: OK

After 2 minutes of waiting

Nurse Joy: Red you're Pokemon are fighting fit we hope to see you again

Red: Well now that i've healed my Pokemon I should go to the gym

Nurse Joy: Gym? you should go to the building with the Yellow Roof

Red: OK

Red rushes out of the Pokemon center and finds the Building with the yellow roof and rushes in

Red: Hi Gio

Giovanni: Hi kid are you ready and keep in mind this Isn't a real gym fight because you can really battle me when you have seven badges

Red: What are badges?

Giovanni: You need badges to make a certain level of Pokemon follow you

Red: OK sir

Giovanni: Well go Rhyhorn

Rhyhorn: Rhyyy

Red: Go Charmander!

Charmander: Charrrmanderrr

To be continued...

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