Everyone has three dates and persist times on their arms when they are born.
One, the instant they for fill their life purpose.
Two, when they meet their soul mate.
Three, when they die.
What happens though when each one is a minuet apart.


1. Three

​sam is standing above the scene

​MOM: It's a minuet till the dates

SALLY: I know, not please let me go out side

MOM: we both know you are going to die that way, the numbers say so.

SALLY: glances at her wrist with three dates) You know we can't cheat this

MOM: So, dose it look like I care

SALLY: I have spent my whole life waiting for this

MOM: waiting to die!

SALLY: you never think about your number

MOM: get out.........stranger

SALLY: stands there and then storms out

SALLY: I'm ready for you!


​SALLY: the goverments tatos say so, I meet you two minents befor I die.

​Sam get's off and joines them

SAM: Do we have the same time

SALLY: where did you come from

SAM: behind the house, sudden impulse


SAM: so ok, you die in two minuets

SALLY: I like violets and cats, and the gun violence thing scars me, and here have a drawing.  ​hands over a drawing

SAM: This is amazing.

SAM: I like lily's and dogs, and okay...

SALLY: Who is that.

SAM: I think by the tattoo your about to for fill your life purpose

​the two meet eyes and they go still, Sam hugs Sally

​SAM: I will end your fears

SALLY: I think that is why you are my soul mate

they brake apart

​SAM: the first two tattoos are gone.

SALLY: now I only have to die

SAM: H-h-here comes your death

​the figgers becomes clearer as a man with a shot gun

SALLY: time to go toward​runs toward the man

SAM: drops to the ground

​the man is stund till sally is almost on top of him.  The man then panics and bolts.  Sam and Mom then come up behind Sally

​MOM: so that's it, you live

SAM: it needs to be it.

MOM: well with that you can marry my daughter

SALLY: Mom I hardly know him

SAM: I like your mom

SALLY: sarcastically,​shoot me


SALLY: I was just kidding

MAN: no she was not

SAM: ug, you left

MAN: no, she dose

man lifts gun and sally drops

there is a moment of stillniss then Mom and Sally either stay or walk off.  Sam get's back up on the chair.

​SAM: I did promiss to end her fears.  I did, and at the same time ended what killed her.  I was able to convince the house that guns were too dangerous for civilians to own.  Now that was a life purpose that was to die for.  I still miss her, and every day I plant violets on her grave.


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