Heaven and Hell > Ereri/Riren

Ereri/Riren AU.
Angel!Eren x Demon!Levi AU.
In a fantasy world with different lifestyles and different religions, Eren Jaeger is an angel still seeking for his soulmate. When he gets kidnapped and realizes his kidnapper is a demon, how will he react towards that?
((Rated R (18+) for abuse, sexual content, adult language))


1. Warning

his book contains religious beliefs. This book is not intended to go off of a religion and it it is, it is by coincidence. Everything here is 100% fiction.

This book is Mpreg and.. sadly... uke Eren..


But I am more of a uke Levi person.

But it is mpreg (male pregnancy). So don't read if you don't like!

Lastly, this book contains Mature content. Please only ages 18+.

Mature content includes: kidnapping/abuse, abusive relationships, stockholm syndrome-ish theme, adult language, adult content, sexual content.

Thank you for reading!


Character images:


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