Heaven and Hell > Ereri/Riren

Ereri/Riren AU.
Angel!Eren x Demon!Levi AU.
In a fantasy world with different lifestyles and different religions, Eren Jaeger is an angel still seeking for his soulmate. When he gets kidnapped and realizes his kidnapper is a demon, how will he react towards that?
((Rated R (18+) for abuse, sexual content, adult language))


4. Chapter Three

Eren woke up and stretched out his arms and wings. He looked at his wings and smiled.

As much as he hates the fact he has to go by color, he loves his beautiful white wings. They were so soft and they kept him warm on cold winter nights.

His wings rested down and he looked around his room. He always loved painting his walls. Every time he felt upset, he would paint his walls. Though he only used one color of paint.


White walls with black paintings. There's so much you can do with only one color and he definitely shows that very often. Almost all of his walls are covered, and once they are he has another room he can paint. The reason why he only uses the one color is because... well... that's the only color he can get.

The color rule goes to his room as well due to where he stands as an angel. He isn't complaining though. He still gets to paint and he couldn't be happier with that.

One time, he got a very tiny dot of black paint on one of his shirts and his dressers made him throw it out. They were very strict when it came to these sort of things. He asked if he could wear clothes of his choice while painting due to that. He doesn't want to buy so many clothes and he would have to if he continues painting with them on.

So, they let him. Nobody would go near him wearing the red shirt and gray sweat pants, they didn't look good on him at all. Only one time was the most painful of them all. He got a spot of black paint on one of his feathers.

He's never been so terrified before. They had him chained down as they picked the painted feather off. His screams and cries were heard all around, he was hurting so much.

Eventually, he grew the feather back and he learned his lesson to never get paint on your wings again.

He got the comfy clothes on and started painting. It was his favorite thing to paint and it was all over the room. The Wings of Freedom. It was a white wing crossing a black wing, though at first you wouldn't be able to tell those are wings.

He painted them very often around the room, and he's not so sure where it's from or why it's so powerful. But he paints it away anyway. He's such an amazing painter, everybody's loves every single painting he's done.

He gasped as the door opened behind him. "Eren, you need to hurry up," he heard a voice ring.

He removed the brush from the wall and turned around. "What for?"

"Clearly you forgot, today's the day you become a guardian angel," Armin says.

Eren was never told he had to become a guardian angel, he doesn't even know how! He wouldn't know what he's doing, he doesn't even know what a guardian angel is!

He knows they watch over people to make sure they're okay, and they do the best they can to keep them alive... but there's so much more Eren doesn't know, and he doesn't want to know.

"No, Armin," he says.

Armin sighs and walks up to him. "This is just training to become one. You're heavens only guardian angel right now, you can't back down."

"I can and I will," Eren snaps, making the blonde boy flinch.

He wasn't finished with the painting, but he ended up cleaning his brush anyway. He hated it when people would watch him paint, he felt pressured.

"Please Eren, you're our last hope now," Armin begged, grabbing Erens hand.

The brush dropped out of his hand and gasped, making eye contact with Armin.

"I'm not doing something I don't even know about."

Armin sighed, knowing Eren won't give in so easily but he has to. "Please Eren, we must leave today," he says, holding the boy close.

Eren pushes away. "You know a male getting so close to another male is sin, we can get executed if we are close," he says.

It is true. Gay or lesbian relationships mustn't be seen by most angels. The rules they have are very strict even if it's a world of their own rules. They never thought to think of relationships in this world. Not even straight relationships.

"I know and I apologize... but I just really want you to go be our guardian angel," Armin says, letting go of Eren's hand.

"I'm not going and that's final."

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