Heaven and Hell > Ereri/Riren

Ereri/Riren AU.
Angel!Eren x Demon!Levi AU.
In a fantasy world with different lifestyles and different religions, Eren Jaeger is an angel still seeking for his soulmate. When he gets kidnapped and realizes his kidnapper is a demon, how will he react towards that?
((Rated R (18+) for abuse, sexual content, adult language))


7. Chapter Six

It took hours for Levi to take the plate off of Eren's bed. "Good boy, Eren. You ate all of your food," the demon said.

Eren didn't reply, he couldn't. He was so sleepy, so exhausted, he couldn't reply. It made Levi angry enough to roughly grab the boy and slap him.

The angel whimpered, holding his cheek. "I-I'm sor-"

"Shut up," Levi snapped. " Right when I call you a good boy, you decide to be bad. You don't get a blanket for bed tonight."

Eren looked down and cried. It was freezing in the basement he was locked up in, way too cold for an angel. "I'm sorry, Levi," he whispered. He wasn't saying it just so he would get warmth, but because he is afraid of the demon.

He feels like every little move he does is wrong and he should apologize for it. He can't do anything right... not even in Heaven.

He doesn't know what's worse, being in Heaven where he can't be himself, or being chained up in Hell. He already knows he is going into Nothingness once his soul dies, so is going back to Heaven really worth it? What if he starts to get hated on by other angels because he touched a demon?

Things can be different back there, it can get even more worse. He doesn't know and it bothers him so much.

Levi wanted to give in, he really did. It took so much to leave the room without saying a single word, and he hated himself for doing so.

You're not going to be nice to that angel any longer, I don't care if you two are soulmates.

"Yes... I know..." Levi whispered, shutting his eyes and leaning against the wall. "I won't give Eren what he wants... I'll only get what I want..."

"To turn Eren into a demon..."


The next morning, Levi walked into the prison cell with warm tea and a blanket. The voice in his head was screaming at him, almost driving him insane, but he can't keep hurting Eren.

He couldn't sleep, he could only think about Eren. He was freezing down there, with no blankets and only cold chains. There was no light to be seen, which is always terrible for an angel.

No light is even terrible for a demon. He represents the nothingness those two are bound to see at some point. Levi wants Eren, but at the same time he doesn't want to go into Nothingness. He has no idea what can happen, but he prays maybe with his plan... they can avoid it.

His plan is if he makes Eren fall for him and they mate, Eren will turn into a demon. If they're both demons, then hopefully they have a chance of not going into Nothingness.

Nobody knows if that can actually happen, but Levi prays it can because he wants to be with Eren as much as he possibly can.

The angel was still asleep. His lips were blue and his wings were limp. Levi shut his eyes and took a deep breath before putting the blankets over him. "Eren, wake up beautiful," he softly whispered.

What are you doing! Get back to where you belong!

"No... leave me alone... you've been yelling at me all night... I want to at least be a little nice to him... he's my soulmate," Levi whispered, backing away from Eren.

Do I care? No! You're a demon! You do not have any right to be with an angel!

"Shut up!!" Levi yelled, gripping at his hair and falling backwards.

The words in his head were small and simple, but they hurt Levi so much considering he's never talked to anybody like this before. He hasn't even talked to Eren, he just bossed him around for the most part. The voice in his head is the only one who's always been there, and will always be there.

"L-Levi?" Eren asked, rubbing his eyes as he sat up to look at the crying demon on the floor.

He was too afraid to show how scared he actually was. When demons cry, their eyes turn pitch black, it's not pretty. Tears can change from normal, clear tears from pitch black tears. Right now, they were pitch black.

Eren was about to run over to him to see what was wrong, but the chains stopped him. It didn't mean he liked or trusted Levi, it was his natural angelic instinct to. He can't help it.

"Levi... what's wrong?"

See, he's too pure. You're going to ruin him.

"Shut up... Shut up shut up shut up!! I don't care!!" Levi yelled at himself. He confused Eren, he wasn't sure what was going on through the demon's mind.

"Levi!!" Eren yelled, trying to make him snap out of it.

Just let the boy go. Get away from him. You're a demon, you don't deserve an angel.

"I can't..." Levi whispered to where Eren couldn't hear.

How bout this. Give Eren all the freedom he possibly could, even let him to back to Heaven. Let him control you. If he stays, I'll leave...

Levi nodded, standing up. He dried his tears and let his eyes turn back to the blue-gray color they were before. "L-Levi are you okay?" Eren asked, holding the blanket tightly around him.

"Yes... I am..."

Levi took the key to the chains out of his pocket and unlocked every single one on the boy. "You're free... You can leave now or stay here... it's your choice..."

Good job Levi... For once you did something right.


A/N- so if you're confused about the voice. Basically at times the voice will tell Levi to treat Eren in every cruel way imaginable. Then at times the voice will tell him he needs to set Eren free and to stop hurting him, and it's driving him insane. More will be explained in chapters later on.

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