Heaven and Hell > Ereri/Riren

Ereri/Riren AU.
Angel!Eren x Demon!Levi AU.
In a fantasy world with different lifestyles and different religions, Eren Jaeger is an angel still seeking for his soulmate. When he gets kidnapped and realizes his kidnapper is a demon, how will he react towards that?
((Rated R (18+) for abuse, sexual content, adult language))


2. Chapter One

So, I know Eren's eyes are green, but in this story they're going to be gold (like the manga, the gold/brown).


Everybody thinks of angels and demons. Everybody thinks about Heaven and Hell. It doesn't have to do with religion every time it's brought up though. 

Everybody believes something different, though. People say they're going to hell for reading something inappropriate. Well, what if that Hell existed? The Hell that they think of is the Hell they are going to.

Well, what if it was like that when you really die? You think of your own Heaven and Hell, then you're sent to one. That's how it's like here in this world.

These two never thought they would be in a paradise, even if one was in Hell. It's how they create it, how they make it seem like there. You could be in Heaven and be miserable, or you can do something and make it good for you. And the same thing goes with Hell. It will be miserable until you do something about it. 

The one in Heaven, he is a beautiful angel. He is the most beautiful angel out of all of them there. He wore white every day to match his beautiful white wings. His eyes were a beautiful golden color to match the white. His hair was a caramel brown fringe. All three colors were beautiful together, and that's what a lot of angels wish for.

It doesn't matter what their figure looks like, they just care about the beautiful bright colors. Sure, the boys hair may not be bright, but with the white and gold, it does look bright.

The boy didn't like that though. He didn't want to be known as beautiful just because of his colors. Colors didn't mean anything to him. He could wear a tan jacket, and then people wouldn't find him beautiful. Because it wasn't his color. And he hates that idea.

Yes, he did create his own Heaven, but before he died, he said that he didn't want to make everything in his Heaven. He wanted to be in what most religions believe, but with its own rules that not most people would think.

Strangely, many people wished for that. It's the most popular wish. Everybody loves the fact that beauty is from color. He hates it though. 

He wants somebody to call him beautiful even if he didn't wear white clothing. He wants somebody to call him beautiful even if his eyes were a dark brown, blue or green. He wants somebody to call him beautiful even if his wings were two different colors.

But nobody will. And he hates that so much.

Heaven is a perfect place to find love, and he feels like he can't find love if people only like him for a simple color.

Because he is the most popular angel, he is forced to always be in places and look around. His Heaven is nearly the same as Earth. There are businesses, parks, and sidewalks. Only, there aren't any cars. They have wings, they can just fly. Plus, they all believe vehicles are dangerous and so they shouldn't be allowed.

Why do they believe that?

Well, because everybody in this Heaven died from a car crash.

Yes, this beautiful boy died from a drunk driver, and was sent to Heaven. The memory of that night still haunts him, and he doesn't think he can get over it. Every now and then, he goes to Earth to see where he crashed. All his friends and family put crosses, candles, and small hints of his favorite things on the side of the road where it happened. 

He remembers seeing the people gather around in this area, everybody holding a candle and crying. Every speech was beautiful, and he wanted to hug everybody who put something down for him. But, sadly, he can't.

It's not because spirits just go through people. He can really hug them. But if he does, he'll he in big trouble. The one and only rule is that you can never touch an alive human or a demon. Otherwise, you get sent to nothingness. You can't stay in Heaven, and that one crime is so bad you aren't even welcome in Hell.

That's why he feels stuck. Everybody here only cares about color, not true beauty. At least, true beauty in his definition. 

Human, angel or demon. Why does it matter? You are who you are and you can't change that, especially after death. He believes he can see a human or demon, but he is never allowed to admit that.

No matter what Heaven or Hell you're in, that rule applies. There's no escaping that one rule. Many people went into nothingness because they touched a human. Nobody's dared to go near a demon.

And, yes. It is possible. A demon can go to Heaven, and an angel can go to Hell. They just have to be careful because going into nothingness for eternity is terrible. Also, angels are very wanted in Hell. If an angel crosses the border to Hell, then every demon would ruin the poor angel. They believe it's worth it. They are okay with going to nothingness as long as the poor angel is so beaten and bruised, and their wings are torn off.

And every single demon can't wait for an angel to finally go on that side.

The boy has considered going to that side many times, but was always afraid. He knows he will get hurt, but he believes that maybe there's somebody on the other side who is nice. Somebody who doesn't care about his colors. And he wishes to find that person.

He also hopes by walking down the street every day, he can find that person. Maybe the person isn't a demon or human. Maybe the person is an angel just like him. That's what gives him motivation to walk around every day, and have people swoon over him. 

Honestly, he doesn't see what the big deal is. They're just colors. They couldn't care less about how he looked. He would have a bruised eye and a bloody lip, but nobody would care because he still has those golden eyes and caramel brown hair. And that's what they care about.

With the white clothing, he was given no choice. Once somebody saw him wearing all white, he was known as the most beautiful angel, and was forced to wear it every day. Every time he tried to wear different colors, people would look at him disgusted. 

"Eren, what are you thinking wearing tan?"

"Eren, green isn't your color. Go change back into white."

"Eren, the dark blue washes out your eye color. Go back and change."

He got tired of hearing that, so he just stuck to the white clothing. He didn't love it at all, but he was tired of the nasty comments. Yet, he's also tired of the good comments. 

He isn't sure what he wants, but everybody is like that. You can't blame him is everybody is that way. Every human, angel or demon questions themselves every single day. It's normal. 

"Eren, you have a black marker stain on your shirt. It looks hideous. Go change it," his friend hold him. 

"Ok, fine," he sighed, going back to his room. He hated how he needed to be inspected every time he left. It was all to make sure he looked perfect, and he hated it. 

He looked in the mirror and noticed a tiny black dot near his belly button on the shirt. It was about the size of an ant. Yes, that one mark and he has to toss the shirt. That's how strict people are when it comes to color. It really sickened him.

He doesn't want to change to prove a point, but he also knows that more people would yell at him if he kept it on. So, he changed into another shirt that looks the exact same, only no black mark. 

He walked back into the living room and his friend inspected him. "Oh there's a tear in the armpit," he told Eren. 

Eren looked at his armpit and noticed a tear so tiny, it was literally one thread loose. "I doubt nobody will notice, Marco. It's only one thread and I can just keep my arm down," he said.

Marco sighed. He knows he will be in trouble if he lets this slide, but he also knows how Eren doesn't like this. He wants Eren to be himself, but sadly that isn't allowed. He can't even answer the door if he isn't in these colors.

"Well, fine. Just keep that arm down and you'll be fine," his friend said.

"Thank you, Marco," Eren said, hugging his friend. He has a huge smile on his face. He was so happy he can finally be in something that has some sort of flaw. It isn't huge, but to him it is. Angels really pay attention to detail.

Eren lives like this every day. Going out in a "perfect" outfit and wishing he can find somebody who loves him for who he is, not because of his colors.

That's it. Every single day.

Every day, he just prays that will change. Waiting for that day is killing him inside, but he knows it will be worth the wait.

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