Heaven and Hell > Ereri/Riren

Ereri/Riren AU.
Angel!Eren x Demon!Levi AU.
In a fantasy world with different lifestyles and different religions, Eren Jaeger is an angel still seeking for his soulmate. When he gets kidnapped and realizes his kidnapper is a demon, how will he react towards that?
((Rated R (18+) for abuse, sexual content, adult language))


5. Chapter Four

Levi was ready.

He was so ready to go to the other side of this barrier and kidnap the one he wants most.


Eren. Eren. Eren.

That's the only thought that goes through his mind.


He loves Eren so much. Angel or demon, it doesn't matter. He just wants the white-winged boy to himself, and himself only.

The best part is, Eren will never be able to return back to his home, he is stuck with Levi forever. It will take a while for Eren to open up to Levi, even if they are soul mates. Eren won't function when he goes from Heaven to Hell. He is so used being in Heaven... and Hell is much different.

Well, Levi's Hell. at least.
It was midnight, meaning all angels were asleep. Angels had to be indoors by a certain time on special nights. This night was a New Moon, meaning no moon was there to be seen.

It caused darkness. Darkness that Levi has a keen interest in. Not only does it mean his plan is going well, but it also means nobody can stop him. It's too dark for anybody to see him with his black wings.

He crossed the border. It felt strange being on a complete different side of life.

A devil being in Heaven? He is the first to go this far to get the one he loves and he will not regret it a single bit.

He flew through the streets, heading towards Eren's home. He knew where he was going due to the butterfly feeling in his stomach the closer he gets.

Finally, he got there. The border was still seen from there he was, making it perfect for him. He went to the window to see Eren sleeping peacefully.

And just like that, it was like time was frozen.

There he was, sleeping like the angel he is. Peaceful. Levi wasn't sure what to do. He wanted to admire him from where he was but at the same time he knows he has to get over to the devil side.

He picked the lock on the window and went inside. It was warm, almost too warm for Levi. He walked over to Eren with some duct tape in hand and sat on the bed.

He caressed Eren's face softly, leaning in to kiss him. He's never felt so much love before. He knows Eren is the one for him.

His lips touched the angels soft ones, making a shiver run down his spine. It felt so good he just wanted more and more, he knows he can't get enough of it.

But, he pulled away knowing he has to take the beautiful boy away. Eren opened his eyes to see Levi and his eyebrows furrowed.

"W-who are you?" he asked. Levi quickly put the duct tape over Erens mouth, making the white-winged boy scream.

Levi slapped Eren. "Now you wanna be a good boy to your mate, right? Don't you fucking move, got it," he snapped, holding Erens jaw tight enough for it to instantly bruise.

Eren whimpered against the duct tape, trying to kick Levi away as he was being taken away from his comfortable room in this comfortable place he called Heaven.

And that's when Eren saw Levi's wings.

He started crying when he found out Levi was a demon, a devil. He never wanted to go into nothingness, he wanted to continue on or even be born as another human again.. but now he can't.

He whimpered and shut his eyes when Levi spanked him. "Stop moving," he demanded.

It hurt. Demons are a lot stronger than they look. Eren was in so much physical pain from his jaw, from Levi's grip around him now, and now from the spank. He hates this, he wants out.

The problem with Eren is that he can't feel the connection with Levi. Often, mates are one sided and there's no telling if the other person will ever feel the same way back. Levi is prepared for that to happen, just as long as Eren is there.

Levi crossed the border, back to Hell. He ripped the tape off of Eren's mouth, making the angel scream.

Levi threw him down on the cold, hard ground. "How many times do I have to tell you to shut the fuck up?! I can be the nice guy but not if you're acting that way. Quit squirming, quit shouting, quit whimpering until we get home," he snapped.

Eren was terrified. He couldn't control his whimpers of protest, he just couldn't. He was in so much pain not only physically, but mentally.

He was just taken from his home in Heaven and is now in Hell. He can no longer reincarnate or be the guardian angel he was supposed to be.

Guardian Angel.

He feels so stupid for not taking up that offer. If he would've taken it, he wouldn't have been here. Armin was so hurt when Eren turned down that offer.... he hurt his friend for nothing.

Levi picked Eren back up and tossed him over his shoulder once again. There were cracks and an indent where Levi had thrown him down. Luckily, Eren being the angel he is, he can not break a bone.

Except for his wings.

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