Heaven and Hell > Ereri/Riren

Ereri/Riren AU.
Angel!Eren x Demon!Levi AU.
In a fantasy world with different lifestyles and different religions, Eren Jaeger is an angel still seeking for his soulmate. When he gets kidnapped and realizes his kidnapper is a demon, how will he react towards that?
((Rated R (18+) for abuse, sexual content, adult language))


9. Chapter Eight

Eren wanted to stay in the shower forever, he didn't want to go back in chains. He knew he would have to get out as soon as possible as well. He was so afraid Levi would hit him again if he stayed in for too long.

The water was so hot to the point it turned his skin red and he loved it. He hasn't had warmth in so long, making him not want to leave. But, every time he heard footsteps outside the bathroom door, he wants to turn off the water and obediently go back to the basement.

Eventually, he shut off the water and wrapped a towel around his naked body. His wings were dragging due to him losing strength making the towel fit awkwardly around his body.

He looked at his wrapped up waist, sighing when he saw himself so thin. Angels tend to lose weight rapidly and Levi hasn't given him enough food that will keep him healthy. He's losing and he knows it, he just doesn't want to see it. It sickens him when he can see his own hip bones and ribs as if he was a skelton.

"I would be shunned for good back in Heaven," he sighed to himself. He's been thinking about Heaven a lot lately, missing it a little. He's still not sure what's better, Heaven or Hell.

Levi knocked on the door, scaring him. He quickly got himself dried off and exited the bathroom. "I'm sorry it took me to long. I'll go to the basement now," he rushed out, starting to head back to the basement.

"You don't have to go back," the demon said, making Eren freeze in his place. He looked at Levi; he was noticeably confused. "I didn't mean to say that. I want you here, not in that cold and dark basement."

Eren looked down and started fiddling with his fingers. He was only in the towel due to not having any clothes. He's embarrassed of his body after he saw himself in the mirror. Yes, he's had three meals a day but that doesn't mean that's enough food for him. It's nowhere near enough for an angel, and especially what's been given to him.

"Let me go get you some clothes and then we will get something to eat," he said before heading to his room. Eren just sat down on the couch in the living room, waiting for him. He started to get cold due to taking such a hot shower and it's cool in every other room. Eventually, Levi came back with some clothes and helped Eren change. He was a challenge to get his wings through his shirt due to him lacking strength.

"Here's a blanket as well, you look cold. Now, what sounds good?" he asked, smiling once Eren was bundled up.

Eren shrugged. "I don't know, what do you have?"
Levi held up his finger before walking into the kitchen. Eren his head in his raised knees as he was still cold. He wasn't sure how he felt about Levi at the moment, he knows the demonic side of him will come out and it will very soon. He doesn't want to be spoiled and then hurt later.

Levi came back with some food for Eren. "I remembered you enjoyed this meal. I don't have much, I'll have to get some more soon," he says.

Eren unraveled himself a bit and quietly thanked Levi before eating. He was curious what Levi means by having to go get more food due to Levi being the only demon in his Hell.

Usually, Angels can't go to other Heavens and Demons or Devils can't go to another Hells. Levi is different though, he can go to another Hell and that's how he gets supplies.

Now, why would Levi feel miserable here for being alone when he can go to another Hell? Well, it's because it's almost like there's a clock counting down and a bomb will go off once it hits 00:00. Levi can't stay there for long, he has a certain time until he needs to get out and remain alive.

Doing that is why Levi's Hell is so different than all the others. No other person has wished to do that because they'd feel like they will be happy with where they are. Then there's Levi, the one who wanted to be a traveler. It can't work that way, that's one of the couple rules that are forbidden to do. Levi didn't know that.

Eren ate the food that was given to him and even when he was finished, he was still hungry. That's half a meal for his usual self. He was the one to eat a little bit more than the typical angel, but he had to in order to keep his healthy self stay strong and everybody would admire him.

Everything he did then led onto his hatred towards what he did, even overeating. He honestly thinks he will enjoy his time in Hell better. He doesn't have rules to abide to.

But then there's that demonic side of Levi that likes to come out and chain every fiber of Eren's being. It's one or the other and Eren isn't sure what he wants to do.

"What are you thinking about Eren?" Levi asked once he noticed Eren's empty plate and his head down.

"Back home..." he trailed off. He's afraid his anger would trigger that terrible side of Levi but he couldn't lie. One thing an angel can't do it lie for it is sinful and it can never be forgiven.

Little white lies or lying by omission is an exception depending on the way you use it. Eren wasn't fully telling the truth as he was also thinking about Hell, but he said part of the truth and that's okay as long as it isn't to one older than them.

"You're not going back, you know," Levi sighed. Eren nodded, figuring he would forever be trapped in this house in hell.

"And I don't know if I want to go back. It's not the Heaven I wished for," he admitted. Tears started blurring his vision and he's not sure why. If he strongly disliked his life before, then why would he get emotional over losing it?

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