The outsiders

When an unexpected team of teenage outcasts team up to become more popular, they connect as friends and more.


3. Tessa

... The city of pale beauty and gold wonders... Tessa read. She set her book down and looked out her window. She wanted to escape the room and run outside in the cold, city air.

After being locked in her room for 16 years, she finally is going to school. Her heart was full of curiosity and kindness but her mind was telling her that she will never fit in, not after the accident 2 years ago.

She walked to her mirror beside her bed and stared at her pail skin and bland chocolate hair. The only thing Tessa liked about herself was her eyes. They were painted with a blue background with grey and silver flecks of color dotting the edges.

She smoothed out her clothes and took a deep breath. Still smoothing out her clothes she opened the door of her room and very slowly stepped out of it and onto the creaky floor.

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