The outsiders

When an unexpected team of teenage outcasts team up to become more popular, they connect as friends and more.


2. Emma

Faster, Faster. Emma told herself as she ran across the lush green field. Her heart was pounding and her mind was free.

She needed to be faster, to run away from the memories of her brother. Her abusive, angry brother. When no one was looking he would pick and punch Emma. When Emma told anyone, they thought she was lying. Jason, Emma's brother, was the golden boy. No one would ever think he was rude or mean.

Only six months ago, Jason was walking in the middle of a rode, to head over to Emma, who was on the other side of the rode. As he was walking, a big, long truck hit him. He was killed instantly.

Emma didn't know if she should be relieved or devastated. After Jason was killed, Julian, Emma's best friend, was always there for her. And even now, to this day they have been the two amigos.

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