The outsiders

When an unexpected team of teenage outcasts team up to become more popular, they connect as friends and more.


1. Clary

Emerald or maybe a jade green to blur the background out, Clary thought as she examined her painting. As always she painted what she felt, anger, pain, sadness.... and right now she felt all of these emotions.

At school she would get bullied because of her frail build. The only person who stood up for her was Isabelle, the most popular girl at school and possibly the nicest. Isabelle was one of those girls who was rich and popular.

The other kids like the jocks just laugh or have looks of pity on there face. I always wonder why me? Why do I have to go through endless amounts of fear and torture when I have been through Enough.

Because of being bullied she found something that would always help her relax and be herself.

Painting. Painting is an art that expresses emotions through the actual art itself. It helps bring out who you really are and who you want to be.

Plenty of other kids get bullied like the math geeks or the nerds, but no one will standup for each other. And I plans to change that.

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