ღ~But I think I have a crush on you~ღ |A Wizard of Oz retailing|

This is OZ anything can happen....

This is a retailing of the wizard of oz based on a dream I had.

When Korra fall down a well by trying to escaped A Tornado she is in the land of of the wizard of oz
A knight by the named of Mako saves her from a wolf.

And Promises to bring home but just one problem
Three kingdoms are trying to kill her.
Well Korra make it back alive or died trying
Read and find out.


1. Chapter 1: I didn't come here by a tornado you Baka! Part 1&Part2

Korra's pov


As the birds where singing there's song my dream was interrupted by someone singing bad karaoke


Of Nsync Bye Bye Bye I just got out of bed and walked through the door of our adjoining bathroom and walked through the door while holding a pillow.


"Shut the hell up Asami" I said you sound like died chipmunk then I throw the pillow at her.


And close the door and walked back to my sky blue bed

My hair color was also blue.


Some people said it brings out my blue eyes but I really don't see it.


Just then Asami walked in to my room and throw my pillow back at me. I just caught it and said "ha ha you missed."


She then closed the door and walked away back to her room.


might as well get ready for breakfast.


I ran downstairs to get some breakfast even though Asami is freaking bossy she thinks every thing is served on a Silver platter.


She also thinks she is queen.


I just ate breakfast then saw a note on the refrigerator door.


We will be back in 4 months

Korra and Asami take care of the house and each other.


Love~ mom and dad


"I guess I will take a walk

it's looks we are out of water".



"Hey Asami I'm going to get some "water from the well in town".

I said back to her.



Just don't get lost she said back


I grabbed the bucket and my knapsack and walked out the door.



Bolin pov's



"Rise and shine Bolin your" "breakfast is getting cold my old" bother" mako said


"I know I know when breakfast is" "done I help you with the shop" downstairs".


I will down in 10 minutes okay as if New York wasn't so loud.


Mako then left the attic door open and walked down the stairs.



I just ate my breakfast really fast and walked downstairs

And got the broom from the closet and decided to swiped the store front.


Mako pov


Get your Apples here fresh apples


Looks likes a storm is coming


He see Korra walking down the rocky road.



"Excuse me pretty lady would" "you like an apple" I said to her.


Korra's pov


I saw a pair of gold eyes I guess how much are the apples?


"Well there were eight dollars but

"I can make an exception and low "the price to one dollar". He said back.


"I will think about it later I need to" "go to well and fetch some water" She said back.


"What's your name?" I said back


"It's Korra" she said back.


"My name is mako" I said back.


"You better hurry and get the "water I think something coming" soon just promise me you will be careful" I said back to her.



"I will be careful" she said back.


"Good" I said back


She then ran fast to her destination I couldn't see her but a trail of dust behind.


Korra pov's


I don't why I have butterflies inside my tummy I will just going to ignore.


Finally made made it to the well


Eh what the heck is that noise.


I turned around a tornado


Shit the only thing to do is to jump inside the well.


here's go nothing I jumped in well screaming Ahhhhhhhhhh!

and landed on my back my side started bleeding.


but thank god I'm away from the damn tornado.


l was slowly about to get out of the well when a Big pair of red eyes looked at me.


My whole body became numb


And then I yelled Someone help me......




Still Korra pov


"Someone please help me"!


I heard a slash then I opened my eyes for it was snowing lightly

My eyes adjusted looking at the pool of blood and someone holding a sword with a line of blood running down the tip.


"are you ok did the wolf

Hurt you".? He's kind voice said


He then put his sword away in his sheath.


"I'm okay now" I said to him.


I slowly got out of well ignoring my bleeding side.


"So you did lie to me your not ok" "your hurt"? He said back.


I could only see through his helmet golden eyes.


Well we can't stay in the snow forever come inside the castle with me and My bother will heal your wound.


"There's a party going on inside"

"so that's why it's so noisy". He said back.



🖤~Mako pov~🖤


Hey guys I'm back from my trip and I got home a wild boar.


"Well if isn't mako welcome" back bother." bolin said.


"Thank's this place is so packed" "then the last time I came back".

I said back.


"Also guess who the got" "promoted to the best healer in "this side of the kingdom?" he said


"Get out of town that's great".


"Do you want your 27 job?" I said back to him as I put my arm on his shoulder.


"Boy would I ever"! He said


As we both walked into his clinic.


I put the girl I found on the bed.


"That's a nasty wound she got" "how did this happened?" he said back.


"I don't know a wolf was about to attack her and then I saved her."


I said back as I took off my helmet.


"How can you even breathe with" "this thing on"? I said

while wiping sweat from my brow.


"We are Knights in training

"some of the others in this castle"/"inn are just skilled at it". Bolin said


"Even though it's hot and sweaty" "we just got to learn to deal with it". He said back


That's when I left the room

To join the others knights at the party.


For some where drinking there's ass off and singing and smoking.


I couldn't help but get a cigarette and light it at the bar.


I was trapped inside my thoughts for a little while.


"Wonder how many dragons"

"I have to sloughed until I be come "king then again I don't even care" for the thrown at all."

Than someone zoned me out of them....


"Hey mako you got another" "message from the queen of" hearts in your inbox." Ikki said


I groan not her again I told her a thousand times before it's over between me and her.


I quickly walked to cubby hole.


"Ew flowers notes and cards" it's "not Valentine's Day anymore."


"Did you check your cellphone Messages? ikki said


I pulled out my cellphone 200 Messages my cigarette dropped out of my mouth and on to the floor.


"She crazy just Break up with her" ikki said back


"Good plan but this time on Messenger raven". I said back


"Good job ikki" I added.


I opened the window and saw a Raven on a tree and put my arm out to it.


It looked at me and flue on my arm.


And I whispered the message into it's ear it's cawed and flue away to it's destination.


I than sniffed the air.


"hey ikki what are cooking"? I said back it smell real good.


"God dammit mako the cigarette" "you had made a ring of fire". Ikki said


I got my sword And took in front of the fire.


A few minutes later the fire was gone and it was inside my sword.


I put one hand on the sword blade.


And took the fire out it then appeared in my hand.


And then looked at ikki


"I think we should do that again"

I said to her.


"Don't you think about it you" Baka" she snapped at me angrily.


I chuckled just joshing with you ikki.


As I got another cigarette and lit it.


"Well I'm going to see the" "grandmaster in the dining hall see" "you around ikki" I said.


"Wait what he doing on the stage with bolin and the girl I saved....


"Look like she finally awake"

ikki said


"Now go up there and hear what" he has to say" she said back.



I got on stage and look at the girl I saved then at the master.


"Korra has told me her story "about how she got here Mako it's "your duty as a knight to make sure she gets home to this New" York place". He said back


"But protect her at all costs he" "added for it"s dangerous".


"You have my word master" I said back to him.


I then turned to look at Korra.


"And you have my word and trust" Korra I said


You all ready have my trust silly 😜 you saved me from the wolf.


"Guess we have a new recruit." Bolin said to ikki.


"I bet 20$ they fall for each other" ikki said


"Deal" bolin said


"And if they don't".... he said back


"You won't get your 20"$ ikki said


~Korra's pov~


I then kiss mako on the cheek "that's for saving me"


He then dropped his cigarette as fell on the floor.


"Not again" I Heard a girl voice and she ran to him she was wearing bartender clothes.


"Mako mako pick up your" "cigarette" she said


He then picked it up you should have seen the look on your face..... he said


Then I zoned him them both out.


Mako is the boy in New York City the person who wanted to give me an apple. after I fell in the well.



Now we leave the our new heroes Castle and enter a new castle this one is dark and depressing


The only thing glowing is a Crystalball and someone Spying on our heroes.


Mystery person pov


"Your Grace you have a Raven's" message.


"Thank you Sebastian" she said.


"You may leave now" she added.


The Raven said the message in her ear.


"Omg he really" said that.


She looks though her Crystal ball again and see Korra.


"Who the heck is she his new" consort" she said back


"I sense jealousy caw jealousy" "jealousy! the" Raven said.


"Grrrr" her gripped on the ball 🔮 was tight for it had a crack on it now.


Now I will kill them both soon......





































































































































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