I'm in love with a movie star

Korra lives in Chicago and works as a Fashion designer for the biggest successful Company in the Industry meanwhile in Beverly Hills there looking for a new movie actor then Korra takes the job can she take the fall or lose it all together.


1. ❤️~Ⓣⓗⓔ ⓟⓡⓞⓛⓞⓖⓤⓔ~♡

Sorry if The Prologue is crap but I had nothing to work with.

 Prologue~❤️ ~No ones pov~ 


It was another day at the actors Studio  When the Director yelled the cool word "action" that's when the Magic happens to be real. 

Where all the stars  come together and play they rolls  and win a Golden Globe award or best Actor award.


Oh who I'm kidding I love him for him not how many times he has won an award. 

This is my story of how  I fell in love with a movie star ~ Korra 

And our story begins in chapter one coming soon.

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